Posted 29 October 2023

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Or PC For 14 Days For New Subscribers

£1£12.9992% off
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About this deal

Subscription continues to be charged at the regular price and selected term, unless cancelled in Microsoft account. Learn about recurring billing.


Access to a library of over 100 high-quality gamesPlay over 100 high-quality games with friends on console, PC, phones and tablets for one low monthly price. With games added all the time, there’s always something new to play.

Includes an EA Play membership for no additional costWith EA Play, members get instant access to a collection of EA’s best-loved series and top titles, exclusive in-game challenges and rewards, special member-only content, and trials of select games for up to 10 hours.


Includes all the benefits of Xbox Live GoldJoin the greatest community of gamers on the most advanced online console multiplayer network. Get free games every month, and save up to 50% in the Xbox Store.


Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta)Play along with a community of millions of Xbox console players across the devices you already have.
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  1. Kinio's avatar
    No heat from me, it was 30 days until Microsoft became even more greedy
    ahmedhussainx's avatar
    this is what we have to live with now 🤷🏽‍♂️ so take it or don’t
  2. hell2021's avatar
    Could someone please offer some advice around the ultimate pass. I sorted a 2 year pass via a Turkish vpn. It's coming to an end.
    Could someone please help with how to sort it again, please?
    Bunnster's avatar
    I just used CJS CD Keys. TCB as well. Via then VPN for Turkey. Hola on my phone. Follow the instructions to the letter. 6 months was best pricing, which comes as 2 x 3 month passes that stack.
  3. Kornelius's avatar
    Offers £1 but when clicked on Join its full price
  4. RoivaZ's avatar
    Has anyone used this to convert Core/Gold months?

    I just redeemed 12 months of Core via Rewards (60k points / 15k per 3 months). My MS Account offers to reactivate Ultimate for a £1 but seems to be the same 14 day trial as this so I'm unsure if I should add a full month or 3 months GPU code instead?

    I'm aware I will likely get 3:2 conversion but crossing my fingers that it's somehow 1:1 if doing this £1

    Cheers (edited)
    mr9043's avatar
    I did this the other way around. I have GPU already, and redeemed a bunch of Core at 3:2 with reward points as it turned out much cheaper.

    6 x 3M Core (2M GPU) @ 15K = 90K per year


    4 x 3M GPU @ 35k = 140K per year

    When you try to change your account, or redeem a code between the two it'll do the 3:2 conversion (edited)
  5. Pichu's avatar
    Can you make new account and get this and then change home/main profile to transfer the trial?
    ahmedhussainx's avatar
    yes that’s what we all do
  6. hbjatuk's avatar
    I've got a code for 1 month for new subscribers if anyone would like it?
    NS1000's avatar
    Yes please
  7. Decoded's avatar
    Is it easy to cancel once adding your card details or do you have to jump through lots of hoops?
    BridgeSalesman's avatar
    Pretty easy, just visit account.microsoft.com (or use the link from the Xbox app's Settings if you're on PC), and click "Turn off recurring billing". There's one nag screen asking you to stay, just scroll to the bottom for the button.

    Note, do not choose "Cancel subscription" or your remaining game time will be removed and refunded. (edited)
  8. Kammykay's avatar
    Doritos have a promotion with codes on the back of the pack. Nip into your local shop, take pics and redeem when at home. Don't even need to buy he crisp
    Ukguy101's avatar
    And i thought i was a cheapskate lol!
  9. BasketTree7536's avatar
    Does the create new account for £1 deal and okay on main profile method work on PC as well?
  10. BridgeSalesman's avatar
    Cheers, worked for my existing account.
  11. tatmandu73's avatar
    I've just bought an xbox for the kids for Xmas and so am a bit of a newbie to this - does this give me access to online games plus the ability to play others online? Also, if I purchase it now, can I hold off activating it until Xmas day?
    mrbone's avatar
    It is a discount for 14 days trial which used to be available perenially until recently. It is not a code. So I don't think you can activate it later. (edited)
  12. chromosome17's avatar
    cheeky question but MS giving me a headache , does anyone have a gpu trial they would be willing to share as the £1 trial keeps trying to charge £12.99
    iby2012's avatar
    Could use the VPN to US and redeem 1 month for £3 instead?
  13. iby2012's avatar
    Seen other have this issue but don't remember the solution.

    Redeemed 12 months of Turkish Gold and then trying to convert with this. But it says the I have a subscription already from a different region.

    Any ideas how to get round it? Or does this just randomly happen?
  14. Andymack112's avatar
    Glad my boys are moving to ps5 as Xbox passes cost now taking the mick completely!!!
    flipside's avatar
    LOL have you seen the PS version of this and the recent price hikes
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