Unfortunately, this deal has expired 24 March 2023.
Posted 27 February 2023

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 Month - (Non - Stackable) - 60p (via USA VPN) @ GAMIVO GamesPal

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The code expires on 31st March 2023

you will need a vpn to redeem this product, below i will provide the best method to do this.

1. if you own a computer / laptop download “UrbanVPN” and open it, select UNITED STATES and connect to it, if your on a mobile, download “windscribe” from the App Store / Play Store and search UNITED STATES and connect to it. these two vpn’s are free.

2. once connected visit microsoft.com/redeem, and sign in if prompted, if not enter your code. (you also may be asked to add a payment method if not added already)

3. once your done, 1 month of xbox game pass ultimate will be added to your microsoft account,

The code can only be activated in regions where the Live service is supported.

These codes can only be redeemed on accounts without an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

They are not stackable.

Adding a payment method to the Xbox account is required to activate this code.
Gamivo More details at

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  1. easymoneycamper's avatar
    Does anyone have instructions for creating a US Xbox account? im guessing its similar to what you have to do for different region Playstation accounts. Would be very helpful thanks.
    ahmedhussainx's avatar
    ahmedhussainx Author
    you don’t need to do any of this for xbox, just follow the free method in the description of this deal
  2. MdNadim_Sharif's avatar
    So I have to connect to UK while activating but later it can be used in UK?
    Eldi's avatar
    Yeah VPN set to USA, go and redeem.
    You can turn off the VPN and use as per normal then.
  3. flashheart8's avatar
    Changes to £2.44 for me when I go to check out, am I doing some thing wrong?
    BeckFjord's avatar
    Did you turn off their "customer protection program" and their "SMART" offering by clicking "Thanks, I don't need any protection" when it pops up?

    I had an issue where there seemed to be a service fee sue to payment, tried again later and it worked.
  4. Grzegorz_Cieplak's avatar
    XF9T2-VFQ9Q-M62HC-KCX4V-67FXZ - 1 Month Game Pass Ultimatum USA VPN (edited)
    darkdude's avatar
    Thanks! I got this one
  5. Jason_edwardsCy4's avatar
    This company randomly took money out of my account a month after I used them, i did not sign up to any subscriptions or anything like that, they just took the money lol
  6. RainMann's avatar
    Anyone know if this can be redeemed again if the first month with it expires before this voucher does?
    BeckFjord's avatar
    Yes. I've never had an issues using these codes as long as my previous subscription has lapsed.
  7. mrlivingabroad's avatar
    Didn't work for me after following VPN instructions
    ahmedhussainx's avatar
    ahmedhussainx Author
    how come ?
  8. randomandy's avatar
    Is this still working?
    ahmedhussainx's avatar
    ahmedhussainx Author
  9. QTexuss's avatar
    All good with buying it and using the VPN but got stuck as it wants a US address for the credit card.

    What do I do?
    Hunterx878's avatar
    Just cry and pray to the Gods above.

    Failing that, it will work if you use PayPal.
  10. voodude's avatar
    Never tried this before, but it worked fine for me! Thanks for the post/guide @ahmedhussainx
  11. SFconvert's avatar
    Used one of these last month no issues just use US vpn. But was only 27p then so this is quite an increase
  12. jay.3's avatar
    Ridiculous! This was about 27p about a week ago. Although I bought 2 and am happy
  13. GYKris88's avatar
    Is there any issues in terms of playing in another region with no VPN Enabled, as these say redeemed and played in US. Just wondered if once you have redeemed this via VPN to your live account, there is no issues playing in the Uk? Doesn’t seem very clear. Thanks.
  14. DannyDreams's avatar
    Thanks! 77p for a month of game pass? Sorted!

    Just use the VPN. Took me like 3 minutes to do it all. (edited)
  15. Hunterx878's avatar
    Wonder if there will be more of these beyond March, because I'd much rather do this on a monthly basis instead of committing to any console for 12, 24 months etc.
  16. TankDeal's avatar
    Cheapest way to finish Starfield.
    Tatwamasi's avatar
    As long as they release it in the next month or so, yeah.
  17. instant_classic's avatar
    Why do USA gamepass codes always want a payment method and an address when I redeem? I don’t get this with any other region.
    ahmedhussainx's avatar
    ahmedhussainx Author
    it’s because it’s a recurring subscription so therefore you need to add your payment information.
  18. Hunterx878's avatar
    Anyone know if these can be added to Xbox Live Gold to convert whatever amount of gold you have into GPU with the 1 month sub? Might try that next time if these work that way.
  19. Ian_Silva's avatar
    Can this be stacked?
    Itsmenotthee's avatar
  20. TheLastChinaMan's avatar
    There's so many ways you can abuse GP to essentially get access for years. One way is the swap accounts method where you pay £1 for access on a burner account you make just for this, download all the games you want, then switch back to your main xbox/microsoft account and all the single-player games will work forever or until you update xbox app/microsoft remove it.
    jay.3's avatar
    Method? Got a video? Is it gamepass ultimate or regular gamepass?
  21. sirblady's avatar
    Any expired time when i need to reddem cards . I wont wait for my ultimate finish next year ( buy 24 card now) and used after game pass finish.
  22. Mezzz's avatar
    Could someone advise please. Help with game pass unlimited.

    Just purchased and redeemed 2 x 12 month gold Turkey using a VPN taking my current gold subscription to July 2025.
    I want to convert my gold subscription to GPU

    Never had it before so in my xbox account the £1 promo is offered. Can I use this for the workarround to convert or does it have to be a one month code redeemed on Microsoft . com

    Hope this makes sense. (edited)
    Atti_M's avatar
    You can use that yeah, although if you can, add another 12 months as 3 years is the max you can do
  23. Mezzz's avatar
    Exactly take it to the max that I can get.
  24. AcidJiles's avatar
    So what is the best stackable option at the moment for those with Game Pass Ultimate already? Not interested in doing it month by month. Thanks
    BeckFjord's avatar
    I think the 3 months game pass ultimate (GPU) from CDKeys might be best for £19.79. I don't think you can buy Gold and convert when you've already got GPU.
  25. MusicmanJP's avatar
    Watch out - Gamivo sneak subscriptions into your paypal checkout. Didn't notice, was billed for months. Finally complained to paypal and had a refund. Search 'Gamivo Scam' online and you'll see how sly they are.
  26. just-harry's avatar
    Good deal.
  27. randomandy's avatar
    Worked for me as well. Thanks
  28. shasnir's avatar
    Good price.
  29. thebesttheworst's avatar
    Anyone got any updates on if this works if you have £'s in credit on your account ? Also some people saying they have been 'shadow banned' after using this ?

    Can any of the experts in here that have used this method for a while give any info? Thanks guys
    Alexandre77's avatar
    what is shadow banned?
  30. Alexandre77's avatar
    the cheapest its £1.40 now
  31. MdNadim_Sharif's avatar
    Need to buy a code. Can someone please suggest a cheap option?
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