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Xbox Game Pass Weekly Quests for 275+ Microsoft Rewards points @ Xbox Game Pass

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Stardew Valley and Omori can both be played through the cloud so no need to download.

Stardew Valley (+250)
Catch 30 fish to earn Rewards points. Play with cloud gaming or download on console.

Omori (+5)
Play to earn Rewards points. Play with cloud gaming or download on console.

Earn Your Way (+10)
Unlock 3 achievements or play 3 different Game Pass games

Complete 3 Daily Quests (+10)
Complete 3 daily quests this week

Remember also the daily quest for playing any Game Pass game (+3)

Stardew Valley Weekly Xbox Game Pass Quest Guide - Catch 30 Fish

How to Earn Microsoft Rewards Points on Xbox, PC & Mobile - Free Game Pass, Gift Cards, Robux, DLC

Credit as always to Rewards Hunter on YouTube for the video guides.

Microsoft Rewards Guide: How To Make 20,000 Points Per-Month With Xbox purexbox.com/gui…box
Xbox More details at Xbox
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    The fish can be annoying to catch get the first few once you have 50 value sell and buy the training rod in the shop on the pier then you will catch the fish quicker. I did it last night
  2. Avatar
    It took so long just to catch 2 fish I can't bring myself to repeat this 28 more times, for the sake of about 25 pence.
    There is much more to life my friend, time is irreplaceable, the things people will do for pennies these days does make for a laugh though.
  3. Avatar
    Rewards hunter has a guide on the fish catching. Is a bit annoying if I'm honest but it's points I suppose. (edited)
    Well I didn't know myself, never played Stardew Valley, I didn't know you had to wait a day to get a fishing rod, then go fishing
  4. Avatar
    Stardew Valley is great, but I think you to be in a certain point in your journey to want to catch 30 fish (there's a variety of fish habitats).

    For some of us fishing is so last week, with mining adventure, romancing the population or fulfilling community centre bundles (which could be fish) this week's jam.
    Also, thanks for the Omori mention, it was my final weekly quest I needed for my monthly quest (500 points). (edited)
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    why is everyone going philosophical about catching a few fish for a few minutes. if you're spending time browsing on here, it's not much different.
    even though the quest says 30 fish, it seems like it counted anything i pulled out of the sea. So didn't take so long. (edited)
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    What's this worth 5p?
  7. Avatar
    If youre still trying to get the 500 monthly reward then fair enough but 250 points isnt 25p - if buying shopping vouchers its more like 16p which is about what it'll cost in electricity on a PC/console/TV/monitor.
    Last week's task was an hour to complete. On Reddit the response was "electricity is 2.7cents per hour" but here it is an issue. Playing on Cloud using a tablet is a better option for these new 250 point weekly tasks.
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