Xbox games 99p each
Xbox games 99p each

Xbox games 99p each

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Just got back from Southampton branch with the following xbox games at 99p each - Offer only available Instore.
Employee kindly went through the stocklist to ensure i didn't miss any - there are more available - just not in stock at my branch. Which is not a surprise as was told that staff took the pickings on xmas eve and traded them in at gamestation across the road!
Here's what i got, and what's in stock when i left.
Rainbow 6 Lockdown - (360 compatible)
187 Ride or Die
Ghost Recon 2 - (360 compatible)
Forza Motorsport - (360 compatible)
Sid Meier's Pirates - (360 compatible)
Conker - (360 compatible)
Splinter Cell Chaos - (360 compatible)
Rallisport 2 - (360 compatible)
King Kong
Unreal Championship 2
Jade Empire - (360 compatible)
£11.88 the lot.


nice find...jade empire is REALLY good..conker is a load of laughs...i can tell you that for sure

wow sweet - i'll have to give this a go tomorrow

Great for those picking up the £50 xbox bundles from argos...

Oh I need to go through this list :santa: Thanks for the pointer saintscouple :santa:

A lot of these games will be XBox 360 compatible, but you may need to download an update to your console first.
Sid Meier's Pirates is well worth having - my kids love it

No Ninja Gaiden

At those prices it's hard not to recommend them all. The only one I would personally avoid is 187 Ride or Die, because you only live once and why spend the time on it?

As mentioned the best three to pickup are certainly Conker, Pirates and Jade Empire.

anyone know if the manchester one has any?


anyone know if the manchester one has any?

I'd ring em up tomorrow morning

would they do that with sale items? keep them for you i mean

If your into racing games, have an xbrick, and have inexplicably managed to avoid them so far, Forza, Rallisport 2, and (especially) PGR2 are complete no brainers.

If you only want one - PGR2.

Hi, thanks for the list, going again tommorrow to another store.....

You can add Ultimate Dead or Alive to that list as got it for 99p as well..... Which is a bargain since its 2 games in one......

Just been in Virgin in the Arndale in Manchester and the prices were the same as they were before the sale. I asked the guy at the desk and he had absolutely no idea what I was going on about. Might check the one in the Trafford Centre later.

I Was going to post the exact same thing. Are there any other virgin megastores within a shortish distance?

the reduced price wasnt marked but i managed to get forza for 99p after asking the man to scan it for me

thanks op


are you saying that a none99p forza scanned at 99p?

Went to Virgin Megastore in Middlesbrough - dont sell xbox games any more!

Newcastle had some xbox games discounted to £4.99. None at 99p though.

Shame really as I was looking forward to some bargains.

Might try again later in the week.

Southampton is a bit far for me:roll:

Anyone else had any luck in other stores?

No luck for me, Northampton didn't have any... oh well :roll:

I cleared out the trafford centre today guys, sorry.

I got -
Sid Meiers: Pirates x2
Dead or Alive: Ultimate x2
Forza x2
Conker:L&R x2
Jade empire x2
Rainbow 6: Letdown x2
The warriors
all for 99p each, with 10% student discount.

was some PGR2, DoA, Jade Empire and Rainbow 6 left iirc.

anyone know if the ones without 99p stickers on are scanning through as 99p or not then?

yes they scan at 99p.....

basically go to the cash desk and ask them to scan it, don't be shy....

also note that I had 2 forza motorsports, the original barcode on the game packaging scanned at 99p whilst the sticker that was over the 2nd game scanned at £4.99... once removed it then scanned at the lower price......

2nd note the forza and pgr 2 games were the classic releases and not the original releases, they seemed to scan at the original price and not at 99p....

hope this helps.....

cheers, ill try this tomorrow, anyone got a list of the 99p games then. On another forum they had the folloowing

The Warriors
King Kong
Conker Reloaded
Forza Motorsport

Got all of thoser today apart from conker. Would have liked that. Nevermind.

are these open case or still sealed?

sealed why?


sealed why?

as a guess to take back to another store saying they got them for Christmas with no receipt :roll:

I've tried everywhere now ringing up, but now get told they are no longer stocking XBox Games anymore.

Has anyone managed to buy any in Hertfordshire or Essex successfully

tried my local store but nothing at all. In fact, they laughed at me when I asked if there were any xbox classic games for 99p


Just got a copy of Forza and Jade empire for 99p each from the Chester store. My mate also picked up a copy of Rainbow 6 Lockdown for the same price. They didn't have much else in stock at the discounted price though.

I went to the Virgin Megastore on Tottenham Court Rd (London) and they had few box loads of Xbox games but unfortunately limited range of titles and top of that the games were priced at £4.99.

They have King Kong at 99p (quite a few units of this title, so HURRY!)

HMV on Oxford St was useless for Xbox bargains, u are better off shopping online then in store.

anyone getting some extra copies??? id be interested in any extra ones u get for my girlfriend for her birthday. will pay £1.50 plus postage each game...thanks if anyone can

Original Poster

Wahoo... my 1st deal posting that has reached over 200 degree's, although only 2 reps given - just wanted to thank you all for your votes:thumbsup:


anyone getting some extra copies??? id be interested in any extra ones u … anyone getting some extra copies??? id be interested in any extra ones u get for my girlfriend for her birthday. will pay £1.50 plus postage each game...thanks if anyone can

U can order from HMV online for Xbox games, most of them are priced at £3-5 and it is FREE post and packing.

Ordered some from HMV online a few days ago, they now all say on special order from suppliers, In my experience with HMV this probably means that I wont get these for weeks, if at all.
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