Xbox games from 2.99 at comet

Xbox games from 2.99 at comet

Found 27th Nov 2006
Ive seen xbox games being reduced drastically at a comet store in Catford SE London.

They had a few other games too nothing over 6.99...


Any idea of titles? Woolies did a clear out last month but all the good stuff went very quickly.


If its down to £6.99, then its not too hot...
How much is drastic?

Just been to the Blackburn comet and purchased 4 Xbox titles and 4 ps2 titles, they were from £0.99p £1.99, £2.99 and £4.99 get down to your local store and check out the massive savings.

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Yeah my bad I forgot to mention that there were loads of PS2 games too..

Well the other user has just mentioned how drastic (99p!!)
I think im gonna go check out one of the other branches too. I just bought an xbox

Just been to comet here (its a big'un) looking for a lcd tv and checked out the Xbox section,

NO CLEARANCE, but the guy said there was a price drop a few days ago where you see the white stickers (they were on 14.99 games, dropping them to 9.99) major titles, no major price drop here, sticker was on abour 4-5 titles.

Which games did you get?
Was it on the normal xbox game shelf?

Good to check these out for reduced games with 12 months xbox live subs
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