Xbox Hdmi With Optical Cable $8.99 @ DealExtreme

Xbox Hdmi With Optical Cable $8.99 @ DealExtreme

Found 8th Jul 2009
Looked around for a cable and finally got one here at deal extream
Not to sure what the exchange is for it but look cheap to me


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I'm afraid I voted this cold, but I will also explain why.

I toyed with one of these but if you check the AVSForums in the US you'll find that other people are having trouble with this resetting their Xboxes whilst the Optical is plugged into an amp.
I've had enough problems with the original one without needing one that reboots constantly!

Will this work with the old non-HDMI 360's?


Just take the plastic cover off your normal lead then both fit into the sockets
If you already have a lead with the optical out of course

Monkey nuts 2;5697735

Will this work with the old non-HDMI 360's? :?

Its only made for hdmi versions where you need to send sound seperately to a hdmi picture .

Excellent price for this items. I ve cracked my old comp cable and squeezed it into the socket next to the HDMI. Therefore I now have external sound and HDMI. Problem is if you change channel the 360 will reset.

But this is a total bargain at $8.99 free delivery, you cant get one in England without paying over £15-20.

I bought it when it was last posted . Anyway mine looked used when received but worked fine .Took about two weeks to arrive though
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