Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership with free Call of Duty Black T-Shirt - £2.99 @ HMV !!
Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership with free Call of Duty Black T-Shirt - £2.99 @ HMV !!

Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership with free Call of Duty Black T-Shirt - £2.99 @ HMV !!

Buy forBuy forBuy for£2.99
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Obviously a misprice but always worth a punt


Oooh tempting, might as well try the worst they can do is cancel the order!

its pre order only

Damn its a pre-order.

Original Poster

Not expired

Would be okay, but there are always some plonkers who try and order 100+ to sell on ebay which highlights the missprice ....

HMV is the worst when it comes to mis-price


Haven't had a good misprice in a while. I'm in

ordered mine, worth a punt!

Ordered three for the family.

Obviously a misprice but always worth a punt

Worth a punt with HMV?


Ordered three for the family.

there we go ordered 3 ???

should have done 3 seperate orders

Ordered my lads one each,lol

Aunty Lolly

Ordered my lads one each,lol

Don't tell me that you've got 12 lads! oO

Ordered ONE ONLY!
Thanks OP... worth a punt!

Expire this quick. Thanks for being a great dad guy above. Now all your lads and us will get nothing....

Just the two!

Ordered 1, heh why not.

just ordered 1


ordered obviously10 tosell on ebay lmao

why expired? Still seems available to order!

Original Poster


why expired? Still seems available to order!

Children on this morning

Ordered 1 a bit ago - thanks op. Sigh at anyone ordering millions!!


Children on this morning

Always the way, unfortunately I can't see us winning this one. But if it wasn't pre-order with the last few they have supplied.

at this price im in too!

Makes me laugh every time I find a massive mis price like this I keep it to my self as then it is often accepted as their error and they send it out any way.
But tell the whole of this site and you loose out as everyone ends up buying loads and they are quickly alerted to their mis price.
Anyone ever been lucky on a miss price like this one, after it has been on here???

These mis prices can work but with people selling them on ebay £30 a pop, we won't have a chance.

its always greed first before getting a good deal, thanks OP but won't bother as people spoil these.

Ordered 251. Do you think that's too few? Should I get more?

Worth a bash.

Ordered 1 and voted hot!, great price if hmv don't click on

Not worth the time ordering. HMV always mess up pre-order prices and always cancel them. Tried this so many times in the past.

ordered just the one - thanks so much, heat added. :o)

All those muppets that think it's "Those damned Ebayers" that will be the reason why they don't get 12 months Xbox live and a T-Shirt are deluded. HMV won't send these out because they never do.

That's all.

Ordered one, thanks op. Probably won't honour it, but HMV have my details so it took 1 minute, max!

ordered but not holding my breath lol


Please do not expire this thread. I've undone this approx 5 times and the threads been up less than 1 hr.

The only mis-price I got was from powerplay back when Killzone 2 was just released I got it for a nice £5.99. Every other one has been cancelled

ill just get the one

Ordered via Topcashback: fingers and toes crossed!
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@the Op why even post this?

And I don't mean the so obviously a misprice reasoning, I mean the so obviously people will abuse it and get it cancelled for everyone reasoning.

If you see a deal like this order one for yourself and keep quiet as this site is full of greedy idiots ordering 2+.

Voted cold.

Worth a pop , ordered 1.
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