Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Card £9.99 @ Play.com
Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Card £9.99 @ Play.com

Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Card £9.99 @ Play.com

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As title suggests, bargain price in their Hot Pick section. I've never seen it that low.
RAC/Varsity/Quidco brings this down a litle further too.

Cheers jin.


Looks good, i'm after a 12 month one you see any good deals about let me know

£25.50 from a guy on the bay,:thumbsup:

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£25.50 from a guy on the bay,:thumbsup:

thats fair enough mate. not everybody trusts the bay though

plus this gives more opportunity to peeps that only play occasionally online and can time their membership with the releases they want

on the bay?

where they sell 'E's

oh right i think i know Exactly what BAY your onabout!

Sorry mate, not knocking the deal, i voted hot. I use the three month's a lot for my son, should have been clearer, was replying to ve guy below your first post.

IMO very good deal as some months I don't touch my xbox but then I'll go nuts on COD for a few weeks. Paul

I really don't understand people here voting things cold which are not. It is a saving of £5 as from month to month is £5 if I remember rightly and there are some great deals for Xlive 12 month ticket codes on the bay that do work, we have used them twice so far. You get a phonecall from USA for verification purposes and everything is hunky dorey.

Soziberry, totally agree.

I now look at the NEW section before any other section - frontpage waste. The site just doesn't work because of so many fools voting cold for something they don't like. Surprised someone hasn't posted COLD (probably have without comment) because i.e. PS3 online is free.

think this is a good deal

thanks for the post


Why are people voting cold this is HOT!
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