Xbox LIVE 4200 Points Card £23.99 in store at Zavvi
Xbox LIVE 4200 Points Card £23.99 in store at Zavvi

Xbox LIVE 4200 Points Card £23.99 in store at Zavvi

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Saw this in store today! It was a clearance item so was already priced at £29.99, then with 20% off you get a decent price for some points to spend on xbox live if you can find them in your local store. Amazon currently has this at £32.99. Similar savings were to be had on the 2100 points card, sticker price £14.99 - then you get 20% off - £11.99


Zavvi at Bluewater, Kent are refusing to discount any Microsoft Points and Live Gold Memberships; this was my experience today. I assume this would be the case in many other stores around the country and since this deal is not widely available, I have to vote this cold.

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fair enough, worked in my local store today though so either i was lucky or you were unlucky.

what do these things do / give you the abiility to do? sorry, xbox noob.

You can use the points to buy games etc on xbox live.

Yeah, Cloakedrat, I must have been unfortunate- it wasn't just the inept assistant at the till, apparently the items didn't scan through as 'discounted items'.
I've bought quite a lot of points over the last 6 months to buy extra music tracks on Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I managed to buy 2100 points at a Zavvi store 3 weeks ago for £14.99 which wasn't a bad price.
Howerver, when their website was still taking orders in November I bought 2100 points for £13.00...

I too would be keen to buy 2100/4200 points off someone if they wish to email me the code. PM me if any of you lucky peeps manage to buy extra units at this price

belfast classified these as hardware ad refused to discount

I got no discount on these either today. Seems not to be all the Zavvi's

No discount in Peterborough either. When I saw these and went back to challenge them, all the points and subs were gone anyway

No 20% discount for microsoft points at Zavvi in Reading.
Apparently Microsoft points are "Console Accessories" so aren't included.

Confusing since points are used to buy games, movies and music which Zavvi are discounting :?

zavvi only discount on games not points!!!

i tried to buy 4200 points in zavvi in bristol mall yesterday but they weren't doing 20% off as they classed them as hardware not games

Picked up two 2100 point cards today at Zavvi in Croydon. Sticker price £18 (eek that's steep), price I paid - £11.99
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