Xbox Live Gold Family Pack - £70 (Possibly Less) @ Xbox Live Marketplace Dashboard
Xbox Live Gold Family Pack - £70 (Possibly Less) @  Xbox Live Marketplace Dashboard

Xbox Live Gold Family Pack - £70 (Possibly Less) @ Xbox Live Marketplace Dashboard

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This is just a heads up for anybody that doesn't know because I don't think I've actually seen it mentioned on here.
Microsoft now do an Xbox Live Family Pack in the UK... the price states £70 but may well not be..

Me, my boyfriend and my two brothers share a family pack. Due to my boyfriend having another month left on his, and one of my brothers on his... we got it for £63, and each account for 13 months.

It doesn't necessarily have to be family.. they don't need to be on the same console at all times, you can just recover them to one console whilst you do it, then recover back. It's cheaper than buying 2 single years (obviously if it's for multiple people).

FAQ - xbox.com/en-…FAQ

If anybody decides to do this, there is a 'primary account holder'.. that person is the only person who can buy MS points off the dashboard.. they can also set restrictions on what you can do etc etc... so if you are going to do it make sure its with people you trust.


I had just renewed for £23.99 via a Dashboard offer in December, but the discount I got shown was the full RRP of the 12 months sub, £39.99!!


£70 to listen to people giving you abuse.

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£70 to listen to people giving you abuse.

You don't have to listen to anything.

Think it's extortion the way Microsoft do this. £30 a year for Live service is steep enough as it is when you already pay for the console + games + internet service from your ISP + actual content from Live which costs MS Points (and to top it all off most games don't even have dedicated servers, all you get is a matchmaking system that plenty of other games developers provide for free on e.g. the PC). But to pay multiple times if you have more than one box in the house is ridiculous and unecessary. Imagine paying the TV Licence multiple times for every TV you have in your house - that's the same principle being applied here.

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Yes I am not denying that but if you have 3 kids and play yourself or a similar situation, this is a bargain compared to £160... I originally put £120 but you'd be lucky to get 4 years for that price.
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