Xbox live month free (advertised as £1)

Xbox live month free (advertised as £1)

LocalFound 6th Jun 2017
Currently Xbox is offering one months free gold trial.
It was advertised as £1 on my main menu, but ended up being free. Even £1 is pretty good. Deal found from the Xbox console.
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Shame only for one month lol need to find good deal for when it finishes
This is standard for "new" setups
Yeah it's not unusual, they sign you up for the £5.99 a month after the free one which is the most expensive way to pay for Xbox Live so they're betting alot of people will just pay it each month and not realise or check if there's a cheaper option.
Bring back the cheap 12 month deals :-(
screenshot is for your "first" month of gold, so looks like a new console setup. Good to start with, just make sure to cancel the auto-renewal and keep your eyes on the lookout for good offers on 12 month or 3 month deals that come up regularly.
Yep, good luck redeeming it if you have had gold before. I've had it appear for me and the customer service team will not honour it. The best you can get is them telling you to setup a whole new Xbox account to claim it. You're eligible for that anyway with a new account!
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