xbox live (silver members) 20% discount for 12 months £31.99

xbox live (silver members) 20% discount for 12 months £31.99

Found 4th Nov 2010
Just had an email offering me 20% off the full price of 12 months gold membership.
Be gentle, i know you can get similar from other websites but this is direct from microsoft and i assume it will be offered to all previous gold members who have lapsed to silver and not upgraded for a while.


Cold - if I'm giving M$ my personal details it'll be for a much cheaper live sub the likes of which can be had by phoning and threatening to disable auto-renewal. You should be eligible for a 23.99 charge for 12 months.

Cold - Cheaper to find a promo code and buy it from / the hut who sell it at 32.99. And Microsoft pester the hell out of you with e-mails and even phone calls...

That's pretty close to normal price outside of MS' usual £39.99 pricing. In fact, I got mine a couple of months back for £23.99.

Instant code sites seem to have gone up a fair bit in the last year or so. Couldn't find any for under about £32. Ended up getting the Argos deal for 14 months at £33.99, which is £29.13 based on 12 months. That's good enough for me and worth it for watching my mate's Sky subscription alone!
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