Xbox One 500GB FIFA 16 Bundle at Tesco Direct for £179.99

Xbox One 500GB FIFA 16 Bundle at Tesco Direct for £179.99

Found 24th Nov 2016
Welcome to a new generation of games and entertainment. Where games push the boundaries of realism. And television obeys your every command. Where listening to music while playing a game is a snap. And you can jump from TV to movies to music to a game in an instant. Where your experience is custom tailored to you. And the entertainment you love is all in one place. Welcome to the all-in-one, Xbox One.

Designed with the 21st century living room in mind, the Xbox One console features a premium design with a gloss black finish, horizontal orientation and a slot-loading Blu-ray™ disc player.

Offering a truly immersive experience, the Xbox One introduces you to a world of gaming that looks and feels more lifelike, featuring more believable characters and richer stories.

Xbox One features Smart Match, a function that estimates wait times for multiplayer gaming and lets you enjoy other Xbox One activities including live TV, Skype or sports experiences while waiting for a new game to begin. On Xbox One, your Xbox Live reputation fundamentally matters and helps you find the best match based on skill, game style and language for a deeper online multiplayer experience. Xbox One also features expanded achievements, offering the player more ways to earn with more frequent updates and the ability to share wins with friends. An expanded achievements system captures videos of gameplay and continues to grow achievements over time, and Gamerscores carry over from Xbox 360.

Finally, the Xbox One features an updated wireless controller, complete with over 40 technical and design innovations and new impulse triggers that offer precise haptic fingertip feedback as well as a newly engineered D-pad that delivers a greater response.

This special edition of the Xbox One console comes the full-game download of FIFA 16 with one month of EA Access.

Experience improved gameplay across the pitch in FIFA 16. With more ways than ever to create moments of magic, this edition of FIFA gives the beautiful game a whole new dimension of gameplay.

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"Currently unavailable"
Old xbox. Old game. Why wouldn't you just spend an extra £30-£40 for the latest gen and get FIFA 17 with it?
This deal has been out of stock for sometime now.

This deal has been out of stock for sometime now.

It's in stock now...

"Currently unavailable"

Now in stock.
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