XBOX ONE CONSOLE - £279.85 @ Amazon

XBOX ONE CONSOLE - £279.85 @ Amazon

Found 2nd Jan 2015

XBOX ONE CONSOLE - the cheapeset I've found online.

Try Flubit to get extra pounds off too.

Now just need to decide on XBOX ONE or PS4...

Showing as £279.85 again.
- Eden0032


£325.00 ???

£325 for me too

That's the price I got too.

Yep no such price available

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Looks like the price just changed.... literally 2 minutes ago..

code not applicable to this item for me. so £325 is standard price.

I'm guessing it's sold out because Amazon aren't selling that version currently. The £325 is third party

Edit: They were pricematching ShopTo. But the ShopTo deal is better. Same price but Forza download included:…oad
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I can confirm it was available at £279.85, seems they have bumped the price up.

Still better value from Shopto with Forza 5 GOTY at £279.85.
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£325 for me also

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Showing as £279.85 for me!

Voted hot - showing at this price for me. Best price I've found for a while for standalone console. Personally I'm waiting for this price + a game that I actually want to play.

Showing £279 for me as well

back in stock

Flubit knocked another £15 off.
Can't argue with that. Really don't want Forza, so definitely the best deal.
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