Xbox one Console + Call of Duty Advanced Warfare £299.99 delivered @ Amazon

Xbox one Console + Call of Duty Advanced Warfare £299.99 delivered @ Amazon


I'm not gonna comment on the find from the finders perspective, I'm sure were always grateful that good folks like this and others who post, this site would not work without you hunter gatherers and link sharers.

But, for anyone considering this, you can pick up the console alone for less than 250 now, no games obviously. Advanced warfare is now only around the 30-35 mark in most places so even building this yourself from 2 diff stores and paying stupid amounts for delivery then it might be worth thinking about. Or pick up a more expensive pack/bundle with some good games in that you won't want and sell them, codes won't go for as much as a sealed box but still should fetch the value of the game at least or you. Shop around anyway, I waited a year for my one due to prices and deals, so glad I did wait though as I got 150 quid or so of free games and accessories as they were just flogging these bundles off to get ready for the FIFA 15 bundles. Well I can't stand football, that is football I said yes, although for you Americans I hate your egghand game just as equally. Depends where you go and to who but if the item is sealed you can get near full price. And more than once I've blagged cash refunds from stores I don't have receipts for. I was actually being honest I had just left them at home 2hrs in the other direction which would mean 2hrs back again, so that's 8 and I don't even have one yet.

After saying all that though, unless you're a parent you know which console is better for you and why anyway.

Where is the for £250 new ?

This for £250 that is ?

@Killerc, as ragsb1 says, where can you get the console for less than £250?…907
This is a better deal from game as it also includes forza download

I've been looking for a good deal on the console with physical game rather than downloads, but i'd happily take the console by it self for £250. As other people have stated, where can you get it for this price? I have been monitoring XB1 deals for a couple of months now, and not found the console for £250.

Same price in game with forza, cold.

It is 329£ for me?!

You won't get the console for £250, not for a long time unless it a 1 off clearance. MS have recently dropped the price, they won't drop it that much.
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