[Xbox One] Destiny - The Taken King - £13.85 - MyMemory
[Xbox One] Destiny - The Taken King - £13.85 - MyMemory

[Xbox One] Destiny - The Taken King - £13.85 - MyMemory

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What's going on? Destiny - The Collection has gone up EVERYWHERE and is now back around the £27-£33 price range.

This isn't a bad little price for anybody wishing to dip those toes in and have a little play about with the base game and included expansions...

- Destiny
- Expansion I
- Expansion II
- Destiny: The Taken King
- Level 25 Character Boost




This any good?


This any good?

Only if you'll have people to play it. It's nowhere near as good without a consistent group. However I don't think this is worth buying as you'll need Rise of Iron if you want to continue and buying that will cost more than if you just got the collection. If you want to give it a go you're better off just getting the base game for a couple quid or even trying the free trial

Edit: Just to add, it's very possible you'll meet people through playing as there are LFG sites to do so but unfortunately this comes with a lot of frustrating experiences too. Plus at this point in the game it's more difficult with how the player base has changed. Personally I really enjoy the game though as much as Bungie make bad changes in updates and **** a lot of people off.

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This any good?

To be honest, it's never gelled with me, pretty much in the same way The Division hasn't, I think for the same reasons. I own this (up to The Taken King) on PlayStation 4 and The Rise of Iron on Xbox One, and I think I've only ever got to level 25 by using the character boost.

I used to just pop it on from time to time for a couple of matches in the Crucible (the games online PVP) which very much reminded me of the better (and early days) of the Halo multiplayers. As Bure says, if you don't have a solid group to play with, then it can be extremely tedious to play on your own, but it is manageable in pretty much the same way as it would be for Rainbow Six Siege and/or The Division (grouping up with randoms).

If you really do just want to dip your toes in to see if it's for you, you might be better picking up the standalone disc for around £5 or £6.

Gonna vote cold, it would be enough of a pain to do some of the old content with finding a group, without current content the largest section of 'populated' activities is closed off to you.

Good for it's time, but pretty much everyone is playing Rise Of Iron content these days. Put your money towards the collection instead.

TTK was certainly the best expansion, the raid is amazing, but obviously superceded by RoI, personally I'd wait for the collection to be on offer, otherwise you'll be missing out on the new crucible maps and raid, and the new sparrow racing event dropping tomorrow (13/12/16) for reset. Still an exceptional price if you want only up to TTK.

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