Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller £80.43 after 20% Off (Used - Like New) @ Amazon Warehouse

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller £80.43 after 20% Off (Used - Like New) @ Amazon Warehouse

Found 7th Jul 2017
Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

(Used - Like New)

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£80.43 after 20% Off

@ Amazon Warehouse
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Went through two of these in 9 months. Both just lost connection one day and that was it, dead. I would certainly avoid a second hand one.
Great piece of kit and worth the money. I paid £95 brand new but second hand and although it loses connection sometimes its great with my PC. Can be completely changed around and calibrated. I have no guarantee so I have voted this hot
Don't buy one of these used, My 2nd replacement/3rd elite controller is on its way back from Germany now because the RB button on both previous controllers have broken. Its a flaw of the xbox one controller in general but seems more prominent on the elite ones for some reason, you'd think it would be the other way round. I have to say they are very comfortable controllers to use and heavier than a standard pad which I like but if you can get some kind of extended warranty from where you buy it pay the little extra because they aren't as elite as you think
2nd hand, what could possibly go wrong? HOT
Love the Elite controller but I don't think it's worth £100. Only reason I got one was because it only cost me £40. When GAME was selling off the old stock of the Elite consoles last year for £199. I got one and sold the console to a friend for £140 and gave him my old Xbox One controller.
i love how cold this got.
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