Xbox One - Free Stuff !

Xbox One - Free Stuff !

Found 25th Aug 2015
Only recently came across this, its a website that lists all of the Xbox price changes, but as per the attached link, also gives you a list of all free stuff (games, DLC etc).

Just downloaded 2 games I didn't realise were free & also got a ton of free DLC for some of the other games I have already purchased.…ff/

New one to add Digital Games Price Tracker -…php



Usefull as found browing the store on the Xbox one is not always the best way of finding things.

Nice find, thanks heat added


Got a few bits I'd missed also, thanks




Already had all the dlc, but voted hot.

Nice to have somewhere you can look where it's all in one place


Very nice, thank you. All this Witcher stuff I didnt know was available!!!

Cheers OP...

Nice - lots of free Witcher DLC

All the Witcher DLC they said will always be free Great link though OP

Browsing the store is a pain!

Bookmarked for later

Good spot, OP

cheers! the DOA Last round leifang is also free for ps4 and ps3

picked up some free Forza 5 cars also

Cheers op - great post!

great site, thanks !

Nice find

Nice, wish there was a version for the 360 as well

Just thought I'd add that the minecon skin pack doesn't exist anymore apparently.

Never knew about this, good find and thank you ChrisUK

Nice one.

The site x360a or xboxachievements now, has a thread dedicated to these things (the freebies). It's updated a fair bit and is always added to by commenters and it's desperate to the games with gold things so it's easy to keep on top there. But this looks good, it's missing a lot but that's more probably that the other list is done and updated by people like yourselves rather than automated and there's a loophole or link involved that makes it not fully automated hit still free.


Nice, wish there was a version for the 360 as well

Best one is

It is in USA monies, but you can see what is on sale etc

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Glad you've all found it useful

Very much so Chris. Thank you for taking the time to find and post this for the community.

Does anyone know if there is an Xbox 360 version of this site?

Thanks for posting, heat added

Thanks! Nice one!

Good find Chris, thanks!

doesnt anyone else think that its frustrating that you cant sort by full games etc? theres sooo many DLC in there it makes it bl00dy difficult to see what is a game or not!

Great site!

Anything like this for PS4?

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Great site!Anything like this for PS4?

Sony don't give anything away for free do they ?


Glad you've all found it useful

How did you happen upon this site Chris...
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How did you happen upon this site Chris...

Mate of mine sent me it for the MS store price changes, but I found the free stuff by having a nose about on there

any psn version?

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Here's another link I always find useful, which I'll add to the OP.

Compares digital games prices from different regions, takes a second to swap region, purchase, then swap back to the UK


Nice, wish there was a version for the 360 as well

they do..

Nice, wish there was a version for the 360 as well

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