[Xbox One] ITV Hub App

[Xbox One] ITV Hub App

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Found 14th Feb 2017
You can now binge watch Jeremy Kyle, Loose Women and Judge Rinder on your Xbox oO
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I'll probably give that a miss then.
Any deal that mentioned Jeremy kyle had to be cold.
Can't see it on the store?
Edited by: "pazza5000" 14th Feb 2017
Quality viewing....how to abuse a freebie.
heat added
"And the DNA test results show, you are not human, you're a rare breed of cabbage."

Rinder is always worth a watch!
Not 8k or 4D so cold.

Just kidding voted hot really.
If in Scotland when it asks you postcode put an English one in; otherwise it only gives you ITV2,3 and 4.

It's because STV have the rights for the catch up for the main ITV channel; but don't have as many apps as ITV have.

Or use STV app; I don't have a xbox one so don't know if it exists.
Edited by: "jamie19916" 15th Feb 2017
Prefer to look at the wall

Quality viewing....how to abuse a freebie.

Jeremy Kyle and the rest thoroughly DESERVE abusing
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