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[Xbox One] Onimusha: Warlords - £9.59 @ Microsoft Store

[Xbox One] Onimusha: Warlords - £9.59 @ Microsoft Store

Posted 28th Sep
Capcom's riveting Samurai adventure returns! experience the story of samanosuke - a brave Warrior facing a Legion of demonic foes. Wielding his deadly katana and a relic of demonic origin, samanosuke captures the souls of his defeated enemies to upgrade his arsenal of elemental weapons to new levels of power. New features include high-definition visuals, intuitive control Options, an accessible difficulty option unlocked from the beginning, and more. Experience One of the best-selling games of its generation with this improved version of Onimusha Warlords.

  • Best-selling hit - the unforgettable Samurai adventure arrives on your favorite Console!

  • HD visuals - updated graphics create a more visually appealing interpretation of feudal Japan. Play in the original 4: 3 Resolution, or new and improved 16: 9 Resolution

  • Improved controls - analog stick control options reinvigorate the intense combat and exploration

  • Easy mode difficulty - now available from the Beginning of the game - this mode is balanced for beginners and allows less-experienced players to Enjoy the Full game
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It’s a quite short game by today’s standards but it’s very very good, basically Samurai Dark Souls and with a modern control scheme it’s even easier. Just be careful of that game water trap puzzle. Great game great price.
Fantastic game. Heat.
Been this price for a week or so.

Not worth it, it's apparently a terrible remaster.

Fantastic game though,
Thrse got much better as a the series progressed too, from 1-3, although 2 was my favourite.
4 was a bit of a red herring and had a changed hub world type feeling to it which ruined things, still good though and much better than crap in today's world.
Number 2 and 3 were fantastic. Odd why they didn’t remake more than just the one.. particularly when the later games were so brilliant
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