Xbox One S 500GB + Gears of War 4 + Halo 5 £229 microsoftstore (+ £15.75 quidco)
This includes an XBOX ONE S 500GB (or 1TB for £30 more) console, Halo 5: Guardians for Xbox One, Gears of War 4 for Xbox One

Buy from Microsoft store through Quidco. There are many offers on there, most including 2 games.

dont forget quidco for another £15.75 back bringing this down to @ £213


Probably the lowest value bundle from all deals at Microsoft Store...

Personally, for £260 a 1TB console with forza horizon 3 and halo wars 2 is better value, albeit a preorder, but that's just my opinion

I went for 500gb with Forza Horizon 3 & Halo Wars 2 for £229 as I already have USB storage laying around doing nothing if needed & Halo 5 can be bought for dirt cheap now. Cheers!
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