[Xbox One] Steep-£24.99 (Prime/Non Prime) (Amazon)

[Xbox One] Steep-£24.99 (Prime/Non Prime) (Amazon)

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Possible £19.99 Using PrimeNOW (£5 off first order)

PS4 Version already posted and is for prime only, this is for anyone

Ride your way: Navigate the open world in the Alps and Alaska freely and create your own path as you decide how to explore your massive mountain playground by ski, wingsuit, snowboard, or paraglide.

Live unforgettable moments with others: Share thrilling, adrenaline-fueled experiences and the craziest stunts with other players. Seamlessly meet them and choose to follow them, play together or challenge your friends to beat records, lines, and scores

Participate in a wide variety of challenges: Prove that you're the king of the mountain by dropping into unique and spectacular challenges that put your skills to the test. Participate and compete with your friends in specific challenges designed for each sport, such as Big Air, Proximity Flying, or Forest Slaloms.

Share everything: Relive epic moments, challenges, spectacular runs, epic wipeouts and share replays across all social media. Each time you cut a fresh path down the slopes, you create a one-of-a-kind run that can be watched and experienced by your friends online. Choose the ideal camera angle, pace and speed to create the perfect post.


Plus £1.99 non prime over £20?

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Plus £1.99 non prime over £20?

I guess one coffee isn't enough today


Is it anything like this?


Games with Gold soon

Price is a bit .......steep


Is it anything like this?

​Horace goes skiing good old specy

Not far from it. Played the closed beta, SSX it isn't


Is it anything like this?

No, that was much more fun to play.

It's super clunky, it doesn't play well at all. It's not worth £25 it feels more like an indie game than a full retail title.

I liked it. Takes a while to get used to the controls but when you do it's great fun.

I really like it a lot. Played through the alpha, betas and now the release. Seems to be a bit marmite with people. Personally just can't get enough of it right now though if you're not into doing stuff over and over just to squeeze out a few more points then it may not be for you.

I'm so tempted at this price. I really enjoyed the beta! it's more than an indie game as someone mentioned..loads to explore, can be bit repetitive but I could say that for most games.


Is it anything like this?

I suggested to the devs they should add a secret Horace costume/opponent
(and delay the game as it was a wasted opportunity...)

It's a good game but lacks a decent soundtrack and scoring system (for tricks). It took me only about two hours to reach rank 10 by which point I felt I'd seen all I needed to see and took advantage of Cex pricing at £32 cash (this Monday). If I didn't have several other games to play I might've spent more time on it but again due to the absent soundtrack it lacks the atmosphere of a game like SSX.

£25 at Game too

played the beta... boring as hell!


Is it anything like this?


Great deal OP, I've been really looking forward to this!
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