XBOX One Steep - Amazon - £20 Delivered

XBOX One Steep - Amazon - £20 Delivered

Found 31st Mar 2017
Cheapest it has been on Amazon.
Same price on Tesco :…ers
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Go on, I'll say it....this price is still a little....steep
*insert CSI Miami theme song*
I have to be honest .. this game is poo poo!
Awesome game, well worth the money.
Ok that steep joke is when it's actually steep lol £20 come on that's cheap for this game and it's not even that bad

It's like a simulator game it's going to be hard but the game it's self is amazing £20 is a steal

Plus everyone is different anyway lol I play frozen idc
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When £10 I buy for sake of it lol. great deal thou worth it not in to snowboarding games . Used love snowball kids on n64. But steep does look fun
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It's worth it for £20, it's a typical Ubisoft game though so expect to drown in map icons everywhere
I love this game except the wing suits challenges.... they suck
Bought. I've been swithering on whether to buy this for a while or not, given I was a big SSX fan, and I know this isn't SSX. Still, for £20 and delivery tomorrow to Amazon Locker via Prime it's gotta be worth a punt. Just gotta try find some time to actually play it now, lol!
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