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Posted 15 May 2024

Xbox One X Console - Used - Fair Condition

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Fair Condition

  • Item is in a reasonable, saleable condition with some cosmetic marks or scratches
  • Includes working controller
  • May not include original box


The real highlight of this new console is that it offers a truly immersive experience in 4K, taking any video game and making it come to life right in front of you. Not only are the graphics simply stunning, but the new features help this console run faster and smoother than ever before.

As well as all the wonderful enhanced features, the Xbox One X also facilitates Xbox Live which gives you even more ways to play your games. It’s faster and has better graphics than ever before. With 6 teraflops of graphical power, 40% more power and 12GB GDDR5 graphics memory, the Xbox One X is built for the ultimate gamers.

Please Note: Pre-owned consoles may not contain HDMI and controller charging cables.

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We offer a 28 day right to a refund or exchange (subject to availability) on our products (excluding gift vouchers/gift cards) ordered online, provided that:

  • The product is returned within 28 days of delivery;
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  1. chocl801's avatar
    A gentler reminder, CEX offers 24months warranty
    JasonVoorhees's avatar
    A gentle reminder, CEX sells this for £160.
  2. bargainclub's avatar
    Not to be confused with the Xbox SERIES X (Bloody Microsoft and their naming conventions!)
    Nearly pulled the trigger there!
    italkapple's avatar
  3. italkapple's avatar
    This is still great for:
    4K 60FPS (certain games)
    4K 30FPS
    Xbox One X Enhanced
    Xbox 360 & Xbox Original games.
    If you own a lot of physical games too and don't want to spend near £350+ nor care about Xbox Series X|S only games then this is still a great console.

    I did however, manage to buy a used Series S for £110 the other week.

    Boxed, controller, cables etc. Works fine and is now the travel console for when we go away. (edited)
  4. MasterAK's avatar
    This has a 4K Blu-Ray Player. If you just want to play older physical Xbox games and watch 4K movies this is pretty good value as 4K Blu-Ray players are expensive to buy standalone.

    The Series S is obviously a better buy if you just don't care about the Blu-Ray player or playing disc based games. (edited)
    a_user's avatar
    The OneS can play back 4k Blu-Rays in 4k. But even the SeriesX isn't a great Blu-Ray player though. If you're buying it for this reason, you'd be better off picking up a cheap standalone player.
  5. CremeDeMenthe's avatar
    Is this *cough* hackable? (edited)
  6. Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Best looking console
    Whitedot's avatar
    Looks just like that music arena in Manchester which kept being delayed.
  7. pc5020's avatar
    Do yourselves a favour and try to opt for a second hand Series S instead for about £150 or less. I know it's nearly twice the price but it's worth it!
    Mr_Bridger's avatar
    Can't play physical 360 games with back compat on a series S. One X is perfect for that.
  8. ApolloCreedXXX's avatar
    I have one & very happy with it. Other than a few games on the newer consoles i feel absolutely no need to upgrade. Great console. Try Facebook for them too, i got mine for £80 with a load of games.
  9. dmannn's avatar
    Bought one off marketplace. Still a lot of playability in this console. Even loads of series S/X games work well on it. Been playing hitman 3 and it plays brilliantly
  10. MDP91's avatar
    I have a Series X but still own my One X, kept in the bedroom with my older LG 4K and it’s still a brilliant console. Worth swapping the HDD with a 1TB SSD, made a noticeable difference to boot times on games. Good price this too!
  11. Naliboi's avatar
    Wow, great price. Must be a Game clearance effort so I don't picture this lasting.

    Its really compelling to grab one of these as a bedroom gamepass streaming box; or even a budget device that can still play most new gen games in a passable manner.

    I actually bought one of these 2nd hand via ebay two and a half years ago for £130 and it was a purchase I absolutely didn't regret back then (nor even now... even considering the fact I still haven't got a "current gen" xbox or playstation console yet). Being 2nd hand, I had to clean out the insides and replace the thermal paste, but that's relatively easy.

    Personally, I haven't seen enough new gen exclusive games to really compel me enough to go for an Xbox series or PS5. Its taken a while, but there's also a few games finally sneaking through with 60fps options on current gen, but limited to only 30fps on older systems. Even so, my Xbox one x has kept me quite satisfied playing cross gen titles and even a curated selection of backwards compatible OG xbox and 360 games, oftem with enough enhancements to be honorary remasters themselves (Just look at Ninja Gaiden Black, Ninja Gaiden 2, and Kameo as examples.)

    If I ever upgrade to a disc based current gen microsoft system like the Xbox Series X, then I won't need to rebuy physical games or shell out for upgrade fees on cross gen smart delivery games as I can keep using the same disc or download license.
  12. ZeroTheGhostDog's avatar
    I’ve got x2 white One X just sat in the closest collecting dust… Such great machines when they came out, now just a happy memory.
    ApolloCreedXXX's avatar
    Send them too me I'll make use of them, lol.
  13. Luqmaan's avatar
    How does this fair against a One S (not series s)
    adil171's avatar
    Much better.

    This One X was released after the One S (edited)
  14. Mr_Bridger's avatar
    One X is also perfect for 360 physical backward compatible games.
  15. yimpster's avatar
    genuinely can't remember the last time i played a bluray or dvd - i do hope the next gen gives more storage and drops the drive all together. 1Tb just isn't enough if you've got more than a couple of A list games installed.
  16. Decoded's avatar
    You still can't play Resident Evil 4 remake on it which is a crying shame.
    italkapple's avatar
    Why can’t you?
  17. kobirulali's avatar
    I thought the 6 teraflops was mis print as I have a Series S and know that's 4 teraflops!

    Difference of like 10 years technology for you I suppose. Does anyone know how well this plays PS2/GameCube/Wii games on developer mode? My series S is amazing for it but Xenia for 360 not so much.
  18. jb191604's avatar
    Xtrykyr's avatar
    I knowww
  19. kestrel1960's avatar
    I updated from this to a Series X and tried Mazuma who were offering £120 for the One X.
    Amazed that they reneged on the offer saying the controller was “slightly worn” and offered me £45 cheeky s*ds. Obviously the controller would have some wear jeez….!
    Needless to say I refused and this One X console now has pride of place in my bedroom as a second device with loads of life left in the old dog yet. (edited)
  20. CouldntThinkOfAUsername's avatar
    I have the white version of this and even though it’s more powerful than the PS4 Pro, game graphics were never as good as the PS4 version for me especially Warzone.
  21. budgio's avatar
    I whacked a 2tb ssd in mine and it's much quicker. I've been playing Fallout 3 (360) at 4k on it recently.
    Parzival2's avatar
    Interesting! Was the SSD easy to install?
  22. Pow1's avatar
    Arrived today, condition is OK, missing a rubber foot and the case at the back has a broken clip so isn't tight fitting, controller is a bit ropey, but works!
  23. BabiDealings's avatar
    Back in stock
  24. lukemack's avatar
    It's a decent price but would be wary of Games 'fair' condition rating
  25. gaumzi2002's avatar
    this or ps4?
    italkapple's avatar
    PS4 for jailbreak. This for Game Pass if you don’t want to spend another £50 and buy Series S.
  26. Shoobz's avatar
    Thanks OP! Actually ended up buying on Cash Convertor for same price but in great condition!
  27. Misslovely's avatar
    All sold
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