[Xbox One/PS4] Destiny: The Taken King-Legendary Edition (Base.com) - £18.99

[Xbox One/PS4] Destiny: The Taken King-Legendary Edition (Base.com) - £18.99

Found 5th Sep 2016
Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition is perfect for new and existing Guardians that are ready to jump into the Destiny universe or continue to carve their legend in the stars. The Legendary Edition features the complete Destiny experience including The Taken King, the next evolution in the Destiny universe, Destiny, Expansion I: The Dark Below and Expansion II: House of Wolves. Unite with 20 million Guardians in the fight to defeat Earths enemies, reclaim all that we have lost, and Become Legend.
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Can see this plummeting with the release of The Collection in a few weeks. Great price, hasn't been sub £20 since a Tesco deal around 5 months ago. HEAT
Was available a few weeks back for around £15 on Xbox as a download but gone now. Seems like the best deal around ATM! Heat added
Heat for the price, but I'd wait for the collection to release as you'll be locked out of some content once that releases
Not bad if you all ready own the base game. The taken king plus the 2 other expansion packs is currently £15.99 on PSN store.
Base game is about £8-10,
Taken king is around £19.
DLC taken king + 2 expansion £15.99 (+£8-10 for base game) = £25
Destiny The Collection £35 (includes all of above plus another expansion).

Which to pick, hmm..
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