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Xbox Series S (Certified Refurbished) - £157.50 Delivered (See Description) @ Amazon UK

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

This deal is based on the Amazon UKand Amazon Germany (thanks to @merb0786) posts that I made previously. This appears to be an error but once you place the order, you can go to your account and cancel FIFA (if you don't want it) then you are left with a cheap console!

Introducing Xbox Series S (Certified Refurbished). This console has been put through a rigorous certification process, tested to confirm it’s working properly, and inspected for hardware and cosmetic quality. Go all-digital and enjoy next-gen performance at a great price. Make the most of every gaming minute with Quick Resume, lightning-fast load times, and gameplay of up to 120 FPS – all powered by Xbox Velocity Architecture. Enjoy digital games from four generations of Xbox, with hundreds of optimized titles that look and play better than ever. And when you add Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (membership sold separately), you get an instant library of 100+ high quality games, including day one releases from Xbox Game Studios like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and Minecraft Dungeons.*

  • Go all-digital with Xbox Series S (Certified Refurbished) and enjoy next-gen gaming at a great price
  • This Xbox Series S (Certified Refurbished) has been put through a rigorous certification process, tested to confirm it’s working properly, and inspected for hardware and cosmetic quality. Refurbished to original specifications for electric performance. Unit may contain cosmetic imperfections. For warranty information, visit Xbox.com/war…nty.
  • Bundle includes: Xbox Series S console, one Xbox Wireless Controller, a high-speed HDMI cable, power cable, and 2 AA batteries.
  • Make the most of every gaming minute with Quick Resume, lightning-fast load times, and gameplay of up to 120 FPS—all powered by Xbox Velocity Architecture.*
  • Enjoy digital games from four generations of Xbox, with hundreds of optimized titles that look and play better than ever.
  • When you add Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (membership sold separately) you get an instant library of 100+ high-quality games, including day one releases from Xbox Game Studios like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and Minecraft Dungeons.*
  • *See bottom of page for important information.

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  1. Avatar
    Miles behind on Xbox. Is this the latest model? Worth buying just for game pass?
    Yes it's the latest model there is also more powerful 4k cappable Xbox series X that also has a disc drive , the series s is 1440-1080p machine without a disc drive , only has 360gb of free storage .

    I have ps5 and bought series s just for Gamepass and its awesome.

    I used a website called eneba to buy 9 3months Xbox gold codes for £80 which then I converted to 3 years Xbox ultimate. (edited)
  2. Avatar
    just tried this and the fifa code is charged immediately so no way to cancel
    On a desktop, click "View Order Details" above the FIFA order and then cancel the item. There's no cancellation button to the right of the item. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Previously had an Xbox One X refurbished, also like new. New box, cables, and controller. Albeit, the box did state refurbished. But could not fault a certified refurb from Amazon.
    What's the warranty on a Refurb?
  4. Avatar
    Can you use controllers from previous gen?
    Yes you can
  5. Avatar
    Seems to have worked (on UK site for £157.50), didn't get an email confirming I cancelled the game but it is in the cancelled section of My Orders so hopefully all good.

    Free premium next day delivery too, hope it's after I get home! (edited)
    I guess removing the game preorder also removes the free delivery as my card was charged £161.49 in the end. (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Just set mine up, the actual console and controller looks brand new, not a single scuff or mark anywhere!

    Also, not sure if Microsoft give another years warranty when they refurbish units or this Series S is in fact only a month old but my warranty is valid until August '23.

    Cool where did you go to check that? (edited)
  7. Avatar
    This doesn't work, i've just had the full amount taken from my card, even though i'd cancelled fifa
    I’ve spoken with them.

    £209 will be charged however they’re refunding the cost of fifa so will get the £157 price
  8. Avatar
    Have an Xbox with games I assume I have get rid of all my games if got this and start again?
    You've not said what generation of Xbox you have or if your games are discs or digital...
    This will play Xbox One games and X360 b/c games but it has no disc drive, so it will only support your digital library.
  9. Avatar
    I’ve spoke to them on live chat and they confirmed the lower amount for the Xbox, said there’s a small window as EA will be sending the codes soon so better to cancel now if you’re going to risk it
    They’re honouring the £157.70 if we’ve cancelled quickly then?
  10. Avatar
    can somebody please explain in simple terms how you get this price please.
    @mixmixi can you update main description (or, if mods don't allow, add a post that we can all Like) that explains what needs to be done to get it for headline price
    Order the console with the game. Then cancel the game. So you will be refunded for it. Making the console alone to be at the price advertised in this deal.
  11. Avatar
    Thanks worked for me, had amazon photos promotion automatically applied, got it at 150.01 (edited)
  12. Avatar
    Yes. Much better.

    The Xbox is a new generation machine whereas PS4 is last gen. (edited)
  13. Avatar
    48325995-wKohJ.jpgCome in a box that is marked as refurbished but looks good as new
    Just received mine
    Here's an unboxing video someone else made
  14. Avatar
    Are there any good games for young kids or is the Nintendo switch better?
    It depends on what the kids are into. With Gamepass you'll find lots of kid-friendly games like Minecraft, Dreamlight Valley, Overcooked... but Nintendo's games are generally better. Nothing like thrashing your kids on Mario Kart!
  15. Avatar
    Just done this and managed to cancel FIFA 23 (wouldnt have minded having it but not at that price lol). Doesnt appear in my Orders now but the Xbox for 157.50 is there! States its arriving tomorrow so hopefully all goes through!

    Question for those with multiple Xbox consoles! I've got a Series X but would I be able to apply the existing Gamepass and any downloaded games from that console onto this one? (edited)
    If you log into your account sure, as subscription is based on your account not Xbox
  16. Avatar
    Does this work the other way around?
    To get cheap FIFA?
    It doesn't no.
  17. Avatar
    Damn tempting for the kids room, great console with gamepass
  18. Avatar
    Can’t seem to cancel just fifa? Any tips?
    You have to use a desktop browser and not the phone app. I've just done the same, fifa is gone and just the console left at 157quid. Hope they don't still charge 209 tho lol
  19. Avatar
    Mine just arrived. Very happy48326990-Zh6xD.jpg
    Was controller inside
  20. Avatar
    Tempting to do this, although will wait until console is delivered first then try cancel FIFA
    You can't.

    Because before it will be delivered to UK they will supply a code for you - and digital codes are not refundable therefore you won't be able to cancel it.

    That's a reason why you can do it now, because you won't get a code before Friday - so you can cancel it after placing an order.
  21. Avatar
    For those buying from Amazon.de and want a UK plug instead of using an adaptor this is under fiver assuming you already using a fee free card for the xbox anyway:

    There maybe cheaper options like from eBay seller too (edited)
  22. Avatar
    What might happen with the refund if I was to partially pay with Amazon vouchers?? Would it give me the option to refund to card or would it automatically refund the vouchers first??
    The percentage you originally paid in vouchers is likely to go back onto your account as Amazon credit.
  23. Avatar
    I just purchased from amazon.de but it doesn't let me refund the game seperately. Am using desktop, message says "individual items cannot be cancelled if they are part of a discounted bundle". Any ideas??

    **EDIT - 15 mins after I ordered, option has now come up to cancel FIFA. Fingers crossed will still honour order** (edited)
  24. Avatar
    I've just checked the pending transactions on my CC and it's showing the correct amount for just the Xbox.
    Same here
  25. Avatar
    About to order. Says that fifa is an instant delivery and will be available after purchase.

    Any ideas??
    Went for it. Ordered and was able to cancel fifa instantly.

    Perfect timing as my kids xbox one s packed in a few weeks ago with a faulty cpu which was unable to be repaired.
    Shout out to the OP hot 🔥 deal
  26. Avatar
    wouldnt be better just ordring lightly "used " from amazon warehouse.
    REfurb, means it was used for a long time and fully broken somehow and had to be fixed-
    I'm not sure that is what refurbished means, but if you have some evidence of this I would appreciate seeing it.
  27. Avatar
    Just placed order no option to cancel even on website however customer services has always been more than happy to cancel. Top deal 🤝
  28. Avatar
    I couldn't cancel Fifa, waited and waited but still no cancel option on my desktop.

    Ended up ringing Amazon who cancelled both.
    Need to go into 'order details' on desktop
  29. Avatar
    I have an order showing 157.50, but the dispatch and what's been charged to the card includes the 2.99 delivery. Anyone have this too?
    Yeah I got charged 5.99 delivery, annoying!!
  30. Avatar
    How do I cancel the Fifa 23 game? :/ I don't seem to have the option (edited)
    Wait 15 mins, use desktop and go into orders into the detail of the order and cancel it.
  31. Avatar
    Got my one; looks nice, almost like new. Only things I noticed were the controller being a little dusty and the label on the back of the console is kinda faded. Will need to wait until tomorrow to test it out though
  32. Avatar
    Did anyone get the usb c charging cable with theirs?
    Yeah there’s no charging cable as the controller comes with disposable batteries. Microsoft sell a separate kit with a rechargeable battery and cable for £20 (or there’s loads of third party options)

  33. Avatar
    Worked no problem!Simply click "View order details" on FIFA and then the "Cancel items" button.
    cant see it ordered it just before 6pm
  34. Avatar
    Is the manufacturer warranty in anyway compromised by going for a refurbished one???
  35. Avatar
    Just got this today, can anyone advise or link me to the best way to get Gamepass Ultimate? Not had XBL gold or anything before. Thanks
    Stack up to 3 years XBL Gold and then get the £1 for 1 month Ultimate to convert.
  36. Avatar
    Plenty Series S on Gumtree for just over £100 in my area, reasons usually being folk upgarding to series X or going back to Playstation. I had the Series S and its a great wee machine but you will find yourself having "Netflix Syndrome" ie too much choice not enough time to play with Gamepass.
    That's a really valid point. Used price is well below this
  37. Avatar
    Mine turned looked like new!
    Xbox box with 24hr tracking sticker
  38. Avatar
    Scorching deal considering controllers are £40 a pop.
  39. Avatar
    I'd be interested to see if anyone here has had any negative experiences with the console since receiving it? Everyone is overwhelmingly positive which is surprising considering they are refurbs... almost too good to be true :P

    Feel free to reply to this comment with a bunch of a negativity you may have experienced so we can all have a balanced view
    Lol, just taken mine out the box, it's immaculate, like new. Just on my way out, so I'll give it a test later, but condition wise, very impressed. (edited)
  40. Avatar
    At some point the price of series s will be cheaper then getting 3 years gamepass on vpn! 😃

    Or it will be......
    Purchase 3 years gamepass and get a free series s! (edited)
    Don't think so. Got 3 years for £50 after the recent cheap gold deals. (edited)