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Xbox Series S Console - Used - Good Condition & Fair Condition

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Great deal here for an Xbox Series S Console.

This deal includes an official Xbox Controller and a 12 month guarantee from Game.

The main link is for a Good condition console (so use this first) - currently over 10 in stock.

If they run out there is also Xbox Series S - Used - Fair Condition for the same price. 

Also you get a free £5 voucher to use in store if you click and collect.
Game More details at

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  1. daleson's avatar
    If you are willing to spend an extra £22 you can get a refurbished one from Microsoft direct. I got mine today. Pretty sure it's brand new52788005-H5bEL.jpg
    Klyken's avatar
    The cables and cosmetics will be new only.
  2. Malcolm_Moore's avatar
    Is this the last generation console? Or is this the slim/digital version of the Series X?
    BabiDealings's avatar
    Series S (this deal) and Series X are the current gen Xbox consoles. 
  3. Manacciu's avatar
    I would buy it just for Flight Simulator. Is it worth it or should I go with the X
    fahed2000's avatar
    X definitely is better than the S especially with such large games. That said they both run it beautifully. Also are this price you can sell it later and upgrade to an X with minimal loss. I'd say unless you have a great 120hz 4K setup the difference isn't massive. To the best of my knowledge the X series will have enhanced textures. I got a Series X but would have been perfectly happy with an S if I was only playing one game. With the size of the flight simulator I doubt you'll be able to load more than one additional game.
  4. Jyoosi's avatar
    Series S = If you want a nice cheap console for the current games and don't care about graphics, framerate, or resolution.

    Series X = If you want 4k, the option of up to but not really 60fps on most games, and better graphics.

    PC = If you have too much time and money, want a nice rabbit hole to fall down, and accept that you'll never be happy playing with a controller again and 60fps will feel like 30fps after you've used a 165hz+ monitor with gsync/freesync.

    I'm the 3rd one and can confirm I've never been so happy/miserable at the same time with a hobby. "This game feels like crap to play... Oh it's "only" running at 70-80fps on average... Guess I'd better remortgage and buy some upgrades ". (edited)
    Daniel_Wolstenholme's avatar
    Great post! I've been looking to move across from Series X to PC but am resisting falling down the rabbit hole. Playing Hellblade 2 on a 65" OLED looked sublime.....but DLSS, Frame Gen, needless tinkering are all trying to pull me in ....heeeellllppppp!
  5. JimDiGriz's avatar
    Yeah...but does it put an X on my toast?
    quidditys_shore's avatar
    No, there's no slot. This is for digital bread only.
  6. italkapple's avatar
    How did you find the link? When I search in preowned,  nothing appears for consoles.
    BabiDealings's avatar
    Mainly through a Google search, again they just have a poor website (edited)
  7. Scarlet_Pimp's avatar
    Really good deal. I know a group of hard core gamers dont like the S but for me its my favourite console of this gen, in fact is may even be the best thing about this disappointing gen so far. i love how small and quiet it is and the fact everything I have played looks really good. Even when i have it side by side with the bigger better consoles playing CoD or Fortnite. When pared with an older telly or smaller monitor the graphics are great and even hellblade 2 looks really nice on it.
  8. Godzilla's avatar
    Will drop to £100 soon imo hold
    BabiDealings's avatar
    The Game price you mean? If so, I highly doubt it. These will be cleared at this price, and once the used stock is gone they won’t be selling them anymore. This is the cheapest this site has seen (afaik) for a used/reconditioned Xbox Series S from an actual retailer. 
  9. bfar's avatar
    Flaming hot. You can play the latest games, and the series s is an emulation monster.
    Glynevans101's avatar
    Do you still have to set your console to developer mode (or whatever it's called) to play emulators? Last experience is that doing so wipes your drive each time you swap back?
  10. Chanchi32's avatar
    Nice find
  11. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    BabiDealings's avatar
    Definitely in stock, they have just updated it. You just need to refresh your page or clear cookies first. Game website is rubbish

    Current stock as of now is at least 10 of each in stock.  (edited)
  12. rhybo's avatar
    Ordered. Thanks op!
  13. BabiDealings's avatar
    There’s still over 10 of each available, so if it isn’t showing for you then you need to clear cookies and refresh the page. Definitely doesn’t need expiring
  14. drewbles82's avatar
    tempting cuz then I can swap my old 360 for this so my nephews can play on it...I'd get them wired controllers to not worry about batteries...my issue with it being so light, the likely hood of them pulling too hard and pulling the console off the table
    italkapple's avatar
    Don’t use wired controllers for that reason. 

    Buy a rechargeable battery back and stand. Then all they need to do is put the controller on the stand it charges while not in use. They pick up and play. Then put it back when not in use.
  15. Valantaros's avatar
    Bought it explicitly to play Starfield, thanks (edited)
  16. JamJamz's avatar
    Would Amazon price match this?
    Macsidia's avatar
    Probably not, last time Amazon had a deal like this was £150 on last years prime day
  17. Decoded's avatar
    All good condition gone
  18. amillstone's avatar
    Wow. If I didn't already have one, I'd jump on this deal.

    Great little console, super quiet, and runs everything nicely.
  19. monz87's avatar
    We have a Series S and have to admit it’s a bloody amazing machine, super fast load times and game switching and Forza looks absolutely amazing with very smooth frame rates, I’m not sure if Forza on the X would actually look any better. The only thing is the storage which fills up fast! My son plays Fortnite only now and it looks very good but capped at 60 I think but looks pretty identical to it being played on my brothers gaming PC at higher frame rates.
    TheCostOfLies's avatar
    You can play Fortnite on the Series S at 120fps.
  20. Nathan_Ball's avatar
    Is there a way to convert disc games to digital?
    italkapple's avatar
    Yes, buy them digitally.
  21. bobdylan's avatar
    Good condition = OOS
  22. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Still available
  23. bairn1876's avatar
    So someone who hasn't owned a console since PS2, how do these work? Should I jump back in at this price?
    TheCostOfLies's avatar
    It's an insane bargain at this price. Buy one, buy a subscription to Game Pass for like £7, and you'll have literally hundreds of games to play, including plenty of modern/recent ones.
  24. BabiDealings's avatar
    Back in stock
  25. Oprider's avatar
    Can't find good condition one there are only fair conditions
    BabiDealings's avatar
    Yeah only fair available
  26. italkapple's avatar
    BabiDealings's avatar
    Yeah this is my main issue with Game, their packaging of items is dreadful. The boxes they use are almost always too large, and very weak cardboard with some air filled pockets. Factoring in the standard shipping is normally Evri (some higher priced items are DPD) and you have a perfect combination for disaster. I have had a few orders where the box has split and you can see what is inside. 
  27. rhybo's avatar
    My good condition Xbox arrived today. Came in a cardboard box with air filled pockets. Condition wise it looks as new to my eyes as is the controller and the cables look unused.
    italkapple's avatar
    Does your controller if you remove the battery cover have a G sticker on it? Also on the back bottom right hand side of the console?
  28. bairn1876's avatar
    So for a dummy when it comes to these things, games are played via online now? No physical disk as such? Fancy getting back into fifa.
    BabiDealings's avatar
    Yeah this is specifically a digital only console, so a great machine for Game Pass subscribers and/or someone who prefers digital purchases over physical media.
  29. Gemma_Marshall's avatar
    Ordered! Many thanks for this. Have been thinking about giving gaming a go for a while and at this price, this was the incentive I needed. Arrived quickly & in good working order.
  30. studio500's avatar
    Tried to order the last one late last night, but it sold out whilst I was at checkout.
    So at the moment, the deal is over, both for fair and good condition consoles.
    Nice while it lasted. ✌️😁
    judderman's avatar
    They keep coming in and out of stock, there was a series x appear a couple of days ago. ✌🏼
  31. graaus's avatar
    Ordered one a few days ago. Came faster than expected. The console had a few marks on it, but they all wiped off. Condition was “fair”, but it’s much more “like new” after a wipe. Can’t fault it.
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