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Posted 26 September 2022

Xbox Series S £249.99 + FIFA 23 Digital Standard Edition Free @ Microsoft Store

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Next gen performance in the smallest Xbox yet

Experience a new generation of gaming at a lower price point with the Microsoft Xbox Series S.

Nearly 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X, it's the tiniest Xbox ever. Yet it still delivers high frame rates up to 120 fps and speedy loading times - just what you need for intensive gaming.

Play the latest releases in Quad HD at 60 fps, while the Xbox Velocity Architecture powered 512 GB custom SSD storage allows you to seamlessly switch between games.


EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 brings The World’s Game to the pitch, with HyperMotion2 Technology that delivers even more gameplay realism, both the men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup™, the addition of women’s club teams, cross-play features, and more.
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    Heat added. Also worth mentioning that you can save like £20 if you buy 5 £50 gift cards from cdkeys (it's £46 ATM) and pay with those for the console.
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    If you want Xbox Gamepass and haven't had it before then Don't use the £1 Ultimate Gamepass trial offer you will get on the dashboard yet, First buy some cheap Xbox Live Gold codes(Up to 3 years worth) from Eneba or Cdkeys and enter those codes into the box FIRST then use the £1 Ultimate Gamepass trial offer, this will convert All the Xbox Live Gold to 'Ultimate' Gamepass at no extra cost saving you plenty of money.

    (Don't accept any offers of an extra month when entering codes IF you go for the full 3 years, it's 3 years Maximum)
    Always Check offer still available before buying the Gold. (edited)
    That still the case? Says on the website that 12 months of Gold will equate to 8 months of Ultimate?
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    Why is the PS5 double the price of Xbox S???? i have a PS4. Not sure if it's worth getting PS5 any more, especially for £500! How's the Xbox S compare?
    XSS is 1080p machine and ps5 4k so I wouldn't compare it that way. XSX on the other hand is totally comparable and priced at similar level. You could compare XSS and ps5 digital because of lack of bluray drive but still it's different level of capabilities. It's good to have a broader choice
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    Congrats on your first post @realitybytes
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    Love my series s
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    Cheap. Very cheap. Looking at the new Nvidia GPU prices never has the PC Master race vs console peasants gap been clearer than now. You could buy 7 of these for one RTX 4090!
    I love the top trumps pc gamers play, the main difference is the skill of the player and a good player on a series s will kick arrrrse of an average player on the best pc system available.
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    Have some heat newbie
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    Cheaper last year with FIFA 22's release. Cold.
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    The refurbished deal from Amazon is £40 cheaper This is still a great price, but a bigger saving to be had if you don't mind refiurbished
    You can use gift cards from CD keys and save £20
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    Waiting for Fifa 24 with Harry Maguire fronting the cover
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    Is Fifa a code or comes up on your account after purchasing?
    Can’t say for sure, but I’m pretty confident it’ll be attached to the first account that signs in.
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    Anyone done this deal? I'm wondering if I could use the FIFA code on a different console?
    Tbh it will be probably a digital code in the box, emailed or on a printed instore receipt. If not then it should be tied to the gamertag that claims it, I don't think games can be tied to a console at all.

    Last year MS did the same thing with Fifa 22 and that was 100% a code, as retailers emailed a digital code or it was printed on a instore receipt. (edited)
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    Bought the console just last week 😞
    Wish I’d waited
    As always, my solution is:
    - order this one.
    - return old one.

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    Is there any chance at some point they'd do the same deal with forza horizon 5?
    Save ms rewards points and get game pass for free every month (just 2 accounts, searches and daily set everyday = free game pass)
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    2 daft questions, can you share the FIFA code between a X and a S ?
    I presume you can play against the version that Xbox one owners will have ?
    Yes you can
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    This with Game pass has been a console gamers dream!
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    has anyone managed to add this to the cart in the Console app?
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    I just received mine. But there is no FIFA code in the box or email. Will I get it emailed tomorrow on 30/09/22 ? Thanks
    I’m in the same boat I hope it’s a code that gets emailed tomorrow!
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    Mmm...black Friday price I'm holding out.