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Posted 20 November 2023

Xbox Series X Console - £359.99 / Xbox Series X Diablo IV Bundle - £389

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Xbox Series X - £359.99

  • Introducing Xbox Series X, the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever. Play thousands of titles from four generations of consoles—all games look and play best on Xbox Series X.
  • Experience next-gen speed and performance with the Xbox Velocity Architecture, powered by a custom SSD and integrated software
  • Play thousands of games from four generations of Xbox with Backward Compatibility, including optimised titles at launch
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes over 100 high-quality games on console, PC, and Android mobile devices, online multiplayer, and an EA Play membership for one low monthly price (membership sold separately).
  • Xbox Smart Delivery ensures you play the best available version of your game no matter which console you're playing on


Xbox Series X Diablo IV Bundle - £389

  • Join the endless battle between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells with the Xbox Series X - Diablo IV Bundle. Includes Diablo IV for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and Light-Bearer Mount with Caparison of Faith Mount Armour for Diablo IV
  • Also includes Inarius Wings & Inarius Murloc Pet for Diablo III, Amalgam of Rage Mount for World of Warcraft, and Umber Winged Darkness Cosmetics Set for Diablo Immortal (games sold separately)
  • Fight for the fate of Sanctuary with the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever. Forge your path through corrupt lands with 12 teraflops of raw graphic processing power
  • Slay ceaseless demons in immersive, action-packed combat powered by a 1 TB custom SSD. Join fellow adventurers, retake besieged towns, and delve into nightmarish dungeons in hyper-realistic 4K
  • Make the most of every gaming minute as all Hell breaks loose with lightning-fast load times and an expansive open world-all powered by Xbox Velocity Architecture

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  1. JohnnyMcJohnFace's avatar
    Diablo bundle is 369.99 in most places, like game. If it helps anyone
  2. lainux's avatar
    Tempted, but have a ps5 and can't think of any xbox exclusives worth playing
    EmeraldGreen's avatar
    Xbox console exclusives released in 2023 -

    Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, Age of Empires IV, Besiege, Common'hood, Forza Horizon 5: Rally Adventure, Forza Motorsport, Ghostlore, GoldenEye 007, Hi-Fi RUSH, Homestead Arcana, Inkulinati, Merge & Blade, Party Animals, Planet of Lana, Ravenlok, Redfall, Roboquest, Robots at Midnight, Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island, Shoulders of Giants, Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer, Starfield, Techtonica, The Lamplighters League, The Last Case of Benedict Fox, The Wandering Village, Valheim, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, We Are The Caretakers
  3. Stripes81's avatar
    If you have an Amex card and have the microsoft spend £400 get £100 back offer. Then you could go to Microsoft website, get the diablo or forza bundle for £389.99. Top up your order with a rechargeable battery to get your total to £409.98. Use your Amex offer to get the bundle and battery for £309.98 (edited)
    Marricked's avatar
    Thanks so much Stripes - just added the 3 year extended warranty/accidental damage protection and will get the xbox, forza 5 and 3 year extended warranty/accidental damage cover for £328 - bargain!
  4. vassy4u's avatar
    Amex card are doing £100 back offer on spending £400 with Microsoft.

    Also Quidco doing 6% + £20 cashback for £100 plus spend with Microsoft.

    Thanks for your bundle tip
    Bristoljack's avatar
    Can you combine AMEX deal with Quidco? Or are these offers non compatible?
  5. Gamblor64's avatar
    Ridiculously good price. Already bought one a couple of years ago, but this is a nice reminder that being patient pays off.
  6. Player_One's avatar
    Excellent price. The Forza bundle is available from them for 10 more if you want that game with it.
    Random1234's avatar
    I did add it in the title and the description, but delivery ETA is Feb 2024. So, mods removed it (edited)
  7. lloydy2012's avatar
    How widespread is the "drift" issue with the Microsoft Xbox wireless controller? Read articles about a class action lawsuit identifying a design flaw in the controller sticks and users having to buy replacement controllers more often than should be expected. Really tempted to buy a Xbox X but don't want to shell out on a new controller every year.
    si2525's avatar
    never had it on an xbox controller,had it on a ps4 but cured it in 2 minutes with a youtube tutorial

    I really wouldnt be concerned,the build quality for modern controllers is very good- at least in my experience

    quick answer is not very
  8. Gary_Painter's avatar
    Can you sell the game? Is it a serial number or actually built into the console? The forza version is only a tenner more but I hate driving games lol (edited)
    vassy4u's avatar
    I think it would be locked to the console. Not sure. Wish it could be a digital code
  9. juelz_coolz's avatar
    I’m tempted to get one- anyone know if it will work properly with an ultrawide monitor or anyone running a similar setup?I’ve got the 49" G93SC Odyssey - can’t find any up to date info online about it. (edited)
    SteBowker's avatar
    nope it will stretch the image however but it doesnt support wide screen resolutions
  10. cheets23's avatar
    Nearly bought the Diablo 4 and COD bundle last nigh, no interest in either game so I would have sold them on, slept on it, just ordered one at this price

    Had £11 on gift balance so under £350 for a brand new Xbox Series X is a bargain, I can retire my Xbox One day One edition now after 9 years, just need GTA 6 to be released ASAP (edited)
    lungwun's avatar
    As a fellow Xbox One Day One and Xbox One X Scorpio Edition owner, I can also retire my OG Xbox one and move the One X to replace it in the study.
  11. baker200's avatar
    Excellent! I was able to cancel my EE order (as they’re so slowing in processing) to order this on Next Day Delivery 🏻
  12. SamH85's avatar
    Excellent price but there's just not much I want to play that is Xbox exclusive. I love my one X but nothing has made me want to jump to Series X. PS5 exclusives on the other hand.... Still waiting to see if there is a similar price for Sony's console
    joeydeacon's avatar
    Same boat. I purchased another Series X from a deal posted on here about 3 months ago and besides playing through AC Mirage I’ve barely used it. My PS5 on the other hand gets a lot of use.
  13. tiring_day's avatar
    That'll do for me, been waiting on this price drop. Plus 5 months interest free saves me pulling the money out now.
    Romario.'s avatar
    How do you get five months interest free?
  14. MDL199's avatar
    Not knocking this deal but hasn't this whole generation felt a bit flat? That goes for PlayStation as well by the way. With COVID and the chip shortage it just feels like this gen hasn't got going even after 3 years and the games have all been pretty meh.
    Jay_m's avatar
    It feels like generations dont begin until the next gen GTA game comes out
  15. hotpotato21's avatar
    Bought one and can't really complain at this price. Yes you may get slightly cheaper from other retailers using coupons or prepaid e vouchers and cashback but the price difference is minimal. If you can afford this, don't split hairs and just buy from a reputable company. Amazon have good customer service and if things do go wrong it's easy to resolve, unlike other company's...curry's for example. (edited)
  16. dodgeybabes's avatar
    Finally pulled the trigger, waited a while for this price point
  17. kratos2019's avatar
    There isn't a better time to get an Xbox, especially if they decide to go digital only.
    tommydelboy's avatar
    Why so? These all have a disc drive yeah? Thanks
  18. crazyhorse's avatar
    That's an amazing price for such a great console. Already bought one 3 years ago mind so I don't need another.
  19. Gary_Painter's avatar
    Don't amazon have a piece promise running?
    BlueCreek's avatar
    Yes, but you usually have to remind them! Even though they say it’s ‘automatic’
  20. MCYounes's avatar
    Still waiting for a game with next gen gameplay mechanics and graphical fidelity to blow my mind on the series X. So far it's been average at best.

    Noteable exceptions
    Elden Ring.
    Dirt 5
    Sonic generations Xbox 360 runs at 120fps
    A plague tale Requiem (edited)
    sasuke0's avatar
    Usually happens few years into this gen, for example Battlefield 1 on PS4 blew me away
  21. sam.morrisyZl's avatar
    Great deal, I finally bought an xbox series x from very, for £430, but it was the forza 5 premium bundle and cod mw3, so not bad really, really wanted both games so worked out!
  22. SteBowker's avatar
    cold not the £349.99 we were expecting, jokes heat added fantastic price
    Alrich_'s avatar
    It could drop even more
  23. ahenners's avatar
  24. candystick's avatar
    Glad i waited, heat added
    sprite127594's avatar
    Wish I did wait

    Got mine from Smyth's . Wonder if they would refund the difference
  25. moneybanks14's avatar
    Diablo bundle £375 at game delivered. 👌 (edited)
  26. shasnir's avatar
    Great price.
  27. DevilsNeverCry's avatar
    No better time to get one, heat added!
  28. CalvinSMJ's avatar
    This feels like one of the biggest games of chicken I've ever played. I doubt the price point for the console itself will drop much below £359, but it feels like there should be a game/controller bundle coming on actual BF and my FOMO is going crazy!
    Player_One's avatar
    If you do the AMEX deal you can basically get the console + extra gold controller for 359
  29. Gary_Painter's avatar
    To get the best you need the best. A nice 65 OLED but then you need to add a few grand on the price. As long as you have a decent 4ktv and or montior that does at least 1440p
  30. TsuWave's avatar
    When will this deal expire? Anyone know?
  31. A_Gill's avatar
    Was gonna order but Currys doing the same deal for 329. No brainer
    Gary_Painter's avatar
    It's £359 in currys
  32. Gary_Painter's avatar
    £369 on Very. Quidco do a 4% cashback offer up to £399.99. So makes it about £355 but might have to wait 5 months for the cashback

    I only have a 1440p dell gaming montior, does 120hz etc... Not sure I would notice the difference except some loading times and hard drive space over my series S.... Shall I or shall I not... That is the question lol

    Sod it... Just got one... Will sell my series S now with the external hard drive 😁 (edited)
    si2525's avatar
    having a disc drive with the x is well worth it

    plus knowing you have the best piece of kit too

    I played rdr2 on the s and it seemed washed out compared to the x
  33. Jay_m's avatar
    If they gave it away with a box of cornflakes, people would stop buying cornflakes
  34. Anonymous_T's avatar
    Ah im torn. Saw they had forza bundle for £10 more but went oos pretty quick. I wonder if there will be a bundle to come with a better game or choice of game atleast. Currys and argos dont seemt o have reduced theirs yet so wonder if they would follow suit (edited)
    tommydelboy's avatar
    Thats what I want, the forza and MW3 bundle
  35. BootStrapWill's avatar
    Are these ever highlighted on the front page?
  36. joeydeacon's avatar
    Wish I had “held on for BF”. Heat added.
  37. WalkerboyUK's avatar
    Got £95 of MS Reward points ready to cash in.
    Refurb console is now down to £329.99 so it might finally be time for me to bite.
    Lats's avatar
    I'm sure you can also convert them to Amazon voucchers?
  38. Greatgamesby's avatar
    I currently own a ps4 but want to switch to Xbox. Would it be better to get the console and then games pass? Lastly, how much for 12 months of game pass? Just trying to weigh up whether it’s worth me switching platforms seeing as I have ps extra already.
    SomeRandomISHere's avatar
    Gamepass as to be paid for monthly, and you would want Ultimate since "console" doesn't let you play online. It's £12.99 a month.

    The PS5 is on sale too if you want to keep the games you own.
  39. fkyfrankie's avatar
    Thanks! Got myself an upgrade!
  40. Pilow's avatar
    hatelybear's avatar
    Doubt it, i finally bit the bullet if I can get over £100 for my one x now that’s £250ish for the series x.
's avatar