Posted 15 December 2022

XBOX Series X Replica Drinks Cooler - 4.5 litres, Black & Green £59.99 next day delivered, using code @ Currys

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About this deal

Use code to get it next day delivered FNDDGAMING
Maybe a better option if you can collect it from your local store at the same price.

Product informationProduct code:714850
Good to know

- Keep your drinks and snacks cool while you're playing with this official Xbox mini fridge made by Ukonic
- The backlit top grille and Xbox logo set the mood and match your console
- Just like on your Xbox, the USB port lets you charge a controller or your phone
- You can use it even while travelling and camping - just connect it to a car socket

Manufacturer’s guarantee
1 year
Suitable for outbuildings
Colour / Finish
Black & green
Type of door handle
Fridge storage volume
4.5 litres
Other functions
- Holds up to 8 cans and 1 snack
- Cools up to 20°C below ambient temperature
- Internal drip tray
- USB port for charging devices (5 V / 2.1 A)
- LED lighting in the top grille and Xbox logo

Box contents
- Xbox Series X Replica Drinks Cooler
- AC power cable
- 12 V car socket power cable
405 x 220 x 220 mm (H x W x D)
2.5 kg
Rear panel material

Currys More details at Currys

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  1. Avatar
    They suck. I got one at launch. You cant run them 24/7 either and cans need to be chilled basically before putting them in for it to maintain the cold temp. They also ice up allot.
    Yeah they literally break within 5 month lol
  2. Avatar
    Just so you're aware, this is SMALLER than the recent post for the £89.99 version.
    They have used the same images for both


    That's what confused me as pic shows cans that you won't get in it
  3. Avatar
    This is a re-work of a cheap & tatty short term novelty concept of a device which drops the temperature of a box a small number of degrees "cooler" than the ambient air temperature using a fan, like you usually get in consoles & computers to cool it. Doesn't drop to a specific temperature though.
    The design doubles/ triples its usual price because of its novelty brand value & nothing else added for the price.
    I've naively been sucked in by the novety value of these things & they're a waste of earth resources & end up on a tip pile for the next 150 years+. Has its uses though if your needs are limited.
    It might be better to go for a mini fridge if you have the extra space & cash, which use refrigerant (hence "fridge") and a different way to cool to a consistent low temperature. After learning the hard way, I bought a cheap 2nd hand Husky some years ago & the difference is night & day. Yes, the price, use, space, running cost, commitment is different, but a proper mini-fridge will outlast & perform these novelty ones & can be recycled at the end of it & perform much better during its life. Different beast I know, but worth considering if you're not sucked in for the novelty need of an "xbox" themed cooler to house a couple of cans & a bar of chocolate & instead want a reasonable, compact unit to chill drinks, chocolate, snacks etc for the man cave, Garage, shed etc.
    This product has its audience, sure, but consider the upgrade alternatives might be better investment options instead.
    These small coolers normally use a peltier plate (solid state heat pump) to achieve the cooling effect. The fan is to remove the heat generated by this module. They can be a quite effective and reliable alternative to liquid-based refrigeration. Doesn’t mean this particular one is though. (edited)
  4. Avatar
    So cute, but pointless.

    (The fridge, not the bloke)
    Thanks for your clarification on this serious matter
  5. Avatar
    Don't waste ya money, rubbish
    For the disappointment on your kids face alone, this has got to be worth the price, and if you put a beer in it ready, you can sit back and enjoy one while watching the tears, perfect Christmas refreshment and entertainment all in one, what's not to like?
  6. Avatar
    Fool the kids they have a series x for Christmas
  7. Avatar
    Looking at it another way: the X Box Series X is a fridge replica.
  8. Avatar
    Utter tat, not even a deal that's the correct price?
  9. Avatar
    120fps? Freezes per Second
  10. Avatar
    Can imagine a few uneducated parents buying these for Christmas thinking they've got an actual xbox at a bargain price.
    Oh to be a fly on the wall on Christmas morning.
    They shouldn't have been naughty
  11. Avatar
    probably a good thing for scammers to purchase then shift out on ebay with a misleading title so that unsuspecting buyers think they are getting a series X
    Clearly you have never used eBay. They are always in buyers favour never the sellers
  12. Avatar
    Whilst this is really quite cool (see what I did there ) this is the most pointlessly small drinks cooler ever doesn’t look like you could even fit a single beer bottle in it.
    Buy cans then
  13. Avatar
    I had no idea they had 2 different sizes on this. Seems from the comments above though it doesn’t work well regardless
  14. Avatar
    can buy mine cheaper if you just want it to light up and not use it as fridge
  15. Avatar
    Note you can also pick the premium £10 delivery in the morning/afternoon/evening slots using the code and it will still be free delivery using the code.

    Seems the infamous FNDDGAMING code to take £5 off when using standard delivery/collection is over though...
  16. Avatar
    I just took the insides out of my Xbox and put a fridge in it!
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