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Posted 10 March 2023

[Xbox Series X|S/One] Asura’s Wrath - £2.99 / Episode Pack - £2.34 - PEGI 16 @ Xbox Store

£2.99£14.9980% off
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Episode Pack

Asura’s Wrath

Over-the-top action and daring cutscenes blend together for a brand new type of action game! Faced with insurmountable odds, Asura must call upon his rage and annihilate his foes with his newfound overwhelming power if he hopes to survive. Experience for yourself this groundbreaking action game that is unlike anything you've ever seen before!


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The Games on Demand version supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese.Download the manual for this game by locating the game on marketplace.xbox.com and selecting “See Game Manual".

Episode Pack

Requires a Asura’s Wrath game.

It was not the end. The cries that echo across the planet have yet to cease. But why? Why does the world still suffer? Asura and Yasha take on the one who has been manipulating even the demigods themselves in "Part IV: Nirvana," the epic four episode conclusion to Asura's Wrath!
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  1. samuel_27's avatar
    Ah yes. The so called episode pack is just the true ending that they charged players extra for. Prince of Persia 2008 did the same. Devs really did take players for a mug back in the late 2000/2010s. 3 quid is better than the 8 quid this usually is though
    CursedNaruto's avatar
    Could be worse the true ending could be behind a paywall and it could have a fun-ish online with an online pass requirement, wonder if there was some apparent we're gamers too Devs that did the unholy trilogy games development.
  2. Kai_Kinder's avatar
    Can also be had for £2.36 on the Hungary store if you're bothered about saving 60p
    Tom_Burton's avatar
    How do you pay for this on the hungry store? It keeps saying use a card from the same region
  3. Bazallworks's avatar
    "This Game Deserved Better"

    They charged money for the ending - no it didn't
  4. boringest's avatar
    they should remake this
  5. rimz790's avatar
    The standalone game on disc is kinda pricey...
    steven.johnsonm9G's avatar
    PS3 one is, even more, this game has gone up in price a lot
  6. angrybert's avatar
    never played the game but watched the whole story on youtube .. twice
    steven.johnsonm9G's avatar
    It’s fairly good to play too
  7. Gamer903's avatar
    That need to remake this game
  8. corey1993's avatar
    game is so good. i agree, a remake would be a great idea.

    one of the few games that did QTEs right.
  9. 123KS's avatar
    I missed out saw it late. Will this deal come on again ?
    Trve_Kvlt's avatar
    Yes it will, i let You know.
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