[Xbox360] Oblivion - £14.99 delivered

[Xbox360] Oblivion - £14.99 delivered

Found 25th May 2007Made hot 25th May 2007
One of the must have titles for your xbox360 collection at a decent price!

Free delivery.


You'd be a fool not to own this game at such a price
(well someone had to post a comment).

Thanks for that one. Ordered

I used Shopto for the first time this afternoon. Order placed at 4pm, sent me an SMS at 5pm to confirm it had been shipped 1st class recorded post. Excellent service indeed, will be using them again in the future.

And 14.99 is a good price for Oblivion. There is also the expansion pack on XBL to download for something like 1200 points.


Just ordered a copy, voted hot

Excellent game, prepare to spend 60+ hours playing this. May be worth reading the Wiki first and checking the bugs. My fighters guild quest was mucked up as I visited a swamp cave before a mission was activated which has screwed up the whole quest.

A must have 360 game.


Excellent price. Voted hot! :thumbsup:

Best game on xbox,
Great price

Absolutely AMAZING game. SO many people to meet, SOOOO many missions/errands to run, and all wrapped up in such a vast and believable game world.

Seriously BUY THIS! This is easily 10/10 - one of the top 5 games Ive ever played, and Ive played a few! ;-)

One of the most time consuming games i own!!!
Brilliant though, even rates as well as Final fantasy on my RPG list!
For anybody who doesn't know, it is possible to turn the difficulty down by pressing start and going to the menus. Only mentioning it because this game got a bad review on play because someone said it was too hard!
Go fight in the arena! Its my favourite part so far, captures the whole gladiator feel very well!

Voted HOT!

Shopto are the best online company i've used

Anyone else find this game boring?

My friends all love it but I just found it dragged. Didn't rate the combat either, even Condemned had more feel to the mêlée.

[SIZE=2]Don't forget 4% quidco as well[/SIZE]

Thanks Godspeed! :thumbsup:

Loved Morrowind so looking forward to playing Oblivion.

Excellent game, especially at this price. Many hours of gameplay, and the graphics are spanking. Hot!

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Out of stock at Shopto but for an extra 88p SENDIT have it in stock delivered

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