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Posted 7 June 2023

[Xbox/PC] ReCore: Definitive Edition - £2.99 @ Xbox Store

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From legendary creator Keiji Inafune and the makers of Metroid Prime comes the “ReCore Definitive Edition”, an action-adventure masterfully crafted for a new generation.

You are “Joule Adams”, one of the last remaining humans on the planet “Far Eden”, a mysterious and dangerous world controlled by robotic foes bent on your destruction. To survive you must forge friendships with a courageous group of “Corebot” companions, each with unique abilities and powers.

The ReCore Definitive Edition includes the new “Eye of Obsidian” adventure. Join the plucky Corebot “Violet” and journey into the permanent midnight of the “Starving Sea”, a previously unexplored region of Far Eden where ancient enemies plot their revenge—on Joule and all humankind!

Other features of the ReCore Definitive Edition include:

  • The “T8-NK” (or “Tank”) Corebot frame. Use the T8-NK to cross quicksand and explore Far Eden with improved power and speed!
  • Dynamic sandstorms in Far Eden’s “Shifting Sands” regions. Brave the storms to defeat more dangerous enemies and earn more valuable loot!
  • 10 new dungeons and 2 new overworld areas
  • 3 new weapon modes for Joule’s Energy Rifle
  • Upscaled to higher resolutions with HDR skies and lighting
  • Dozens of additional Corebot gear pieces
  • Decreased loading times and other improvements
  • Increased level caps and gameplay tuning
  • All new Achievements
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  1. odiedodie's avatar
    Bought this at launch. Still haven’t played
    chezybezy's avatar
    Was so excited for it too 😄
  2. kokoroko's avatar
    Bad, archaic and clunky game from the day of launch. Back then it felt like game from previous gen ..the concept was great but execution was poor ...for £2.99 worth trying though
    Arber_Haliti's avatar
    I completely disagree. Could you elaborate how the concept can be great but also archaic? I've played it about three times from start to finish over the years with 100% achievements on the last run. It's an addictive game with fun combat. You won't regret it (edited)
  3. Molematt's avatar
    I'm really a massive fan of just how many "Cool Names" this game has in inverted commas. A few more and this'll be Microsoft's answer to Destiny!
  4. ApolloCreedXXX's avatar
    Great deal this! Well worth the money.
  5. nablor's avatar
    The Steam key can be found 60p ish cheaper from reseller sites.
  6. sean.gallacher's avatar
    £2.69 on cdkeys for pc
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