Xcalibur [10 Disc Box Set] DVD £6.89 delivered @ Sendit

Xcalibur [10 Disc Box Set] DVD £6.89 delivered @ Sendit

Found 9th Sep 2009
Welcome to "Xcalibur", an animated action packed series about a spellbound island-world where heroic fantasy blends with the legend of King Arthur. Magic and imagination. And Xcalibur, the sword of justice, is all powerful against the forces of evil. This is the realm of the future king Arthus, and the beautiful young princess Djana, who uses the enchanted sword to protect the young monarch and his birthright until he is old enough to rule. Xcalibur is a colourful and exciting flight of the imagination populated with heroes, villains, dragons and warrior monks. It explores the knightly virtues of courage, loyalty, love and faithfulness to friends, which the characters develop through an adventurous quest. Xcalibur is not just an enthralling battle of light versus dark. Like the best of tales, it is an epic journey of romance, adventure and self discovery. Thanks to Philippe Druillet's unique graphic style and 3D animation techniques, Xcalibur is like a giant fantasy role play brought to life.

Anchor Bay presents all 40 episodes in this ten disc box set.

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