Xcalibur [10 Disc DVD Box Set] £6.95 + Free Delivery @ Zavvi (All 40 Episodes)

Xcalibur [10 Disc DVD Box Set] £6.95 + Free Delivery @ Zavvi (All 40 Episodes)

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The acclaimed, computer-generated animation series 'Xcalibur' brings the stuff of Arthurian legend kicking and screaming into the 21st century as an adventure-packed flight of the imagination. Now you can experience the excitement and artistry of this ground-breaking series as all 40 episodes of 'Xcalibur' come to DVD in a Special Collector's 10-disc box set.

Shortly before his death, King Edwynn entrusts the magical Sword of Justice, Xcalibur, to Prince Erwann instructing him to hide it in a underground lake. Returning from his mission, Erwann is turned to stone by the evil sorcerer Kwodahn. A witness to Erwann's petrifaction is Erwann's daughter, the young Princess Djana. As Kwodahn's demonic powers spread like a virus, Djana vows to free her father and defeat the demon, restoring peace and justice to the land.

With the help of handsome apprentice magician Herik, a fire-breathing miniature dragon known as Wip, and free-spirited barbarian Tara, Djana sets about avenging her father. But first she must gain the trust of the boy King Arthus. Although kind in heart, Arthus is influenced by his evil uncle, Bragan, a deceitful minion of Kwodahn and the man responsible for King Edwynn's death...

Xcalibur was co-created and designed by the innovative French artist Philippe Druillet, perhaps best known for his work in the science-fiction fantasy magazine Metal Hurlant (aka Heavy Metal), which he co-founded in 1975 with fellow artists Moebius (conceptual artist on 'Alien', 'The Abyss' and 'The Fifth Element'), Bernard Farkas and Jean-Pierre Dionnet.


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Is this any good? I can't find much on the Web about it. 4.8/10 at imdb isn't filling me with hope.

yeah its alright for young uns

I have had this for years I still have not watch it all, it's not that great imo :thumbsup:

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yeah its alright for young uns

Agree 100% - It's a bit dated - but anything made in the 90s is a "bit dated". For its time the graphics were top notch and still look OK today.

ok cheers guys
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