Xclio A380 Plus Desktop Tower Case no PSU £43.46 @ scan.co.uk
Xclio A380 Plus Desktop Tower Case no PSU £43.46 @ scan.co.uk

Xclio A380 Plus Desktop Tower Case no PSU £43.46 @ scan.co.uk

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This looks like a fantastic tower and is definantly the best price around by far. Spend £50+ and get free delivery for all AVforum members. Seems like a very good bargain indeed and lots of cooling fans.

Technical Information:

"This is very obvious why we name A380 to this unique case if you see the actual case. Attached an engine of the largest civil flying machine in the world on the front panel with a massive 25cm blue LED fan, and the other 25cm blue LED fan attached on a limpid acrylic on the side panel. And the third fan on the top can bring the heat out of the case. Two fans on the front and side panels target the main heat source of the chassis which protect and enhance your hardware components by cooling down the temperature efficiently. And the third fan draws the heat out of the case so that it could actually decrease the interior temperature. To reach more extremely heat-sink demand, each case has one smart HDD cage includes 10 HDD trays with 10 HDD coolers. Either the appearance or the function, A380PLUS can give you an experience more than you can imagine."

Smart HDD modular system
enormous 250mm double blade fan (front)
enormous 360mm fan (side)
12cm fan (rear)
VR fan speed control (front & side & top)
Blue Led illumination
1.0mm SECC/100% ABS plastic parts
Excellent cooling solution
Tool-less clips & rails for easy installation
10PCS HDD trays with 10PCS HDD coolers
USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 firewire connectors


Lots of fans are bad most of the time, you want as few as possible while maintaining a decent rate of heat transfer. Unless you're aiming for the lowest temperature possible (i.e. overclocking) rather than the more usual lowest volume.

EndlessWaves - if you looked at the case specs you'd see that it's not just quantity of possible fitting areas for fans but also fan bays that are very large. Larger fans can spin slower, quieter and maintaining the flow rate of multiple smaller fans so noise levels would be low.

Hardly anyone will kit that out with a fan in every possible location, but they will probably use the 2 or 3 largest bays.

Not the prettiest case in the world though and it isn't helping itself by giving you large fan bays which are so huge you'll struggle to get a decent replacement fan if the original one starts wearing out.

that is one horrible looking case. Ok if you can shove it away in a cubpoard I guess.

Ok just to let everyone know. My mate has this case and yes indeed it is a good case for the simple fact of the airflow in the case is superb with a massive fan at the front and the side, so if you do have a gaming pc you could good idea to buy this case.

Now the downside to this case is ....................... Its the size of a BENCH no seriously its massive so if you decide to buy it make sure your strong enough to carry it and you have the room to put it somewhere.

personally I would give it a 7/10

I think this is a bargain, its been in the £70 range from most places I've seen it.

It's a huge case as has already been stated but that's a good thing in my book. If you didn't care about cooling you really wouldn't be buying a case this big with oversized fans anyway.

And while I wouldn't call it a sleek beauty, there is something I find quite attractive about it. I've seen it up close and in black and really liked the curves and overal design. Usually I go for much more subdued cases with as little neon as possible but if you can live with the look, I don't think there is a better case on the market for cooling a powerful PC at this price.
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