XCom board game £20 @ Amazon
XCom board game £20 @ Amazon

XCom board game £20 @ Amazon

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£20 delivered on Prime, but requires extra time for delivery. Only 2 remaining at the moment, but more on the way.

A co-operative board game of global defense for 1-4 players based on the award-winning video game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown
A free and innovative digital app coordinates the escalating alien invasion, teaches you the game, and serves as your rules reference
Players assume four distinct roles, each of which is vital to XCOM's success: Commander, Chief Scientist, Central Offlcer, and Squad Leader
A push-your-luck dice mechanic partners with the use of the app to heighten the game's tension and drama
Includes sixteen sculpted XCOM soldiers, eight Interceptors, and twenty-four UFOs


Got this a little while back

It's alright

I've had this in my shopping cart for a while now, watching the price. I've ordered it. With Amazon there is no telling how long this price will remain as their prices can fluctuate.

Much cheaper on Steam.


Much cheaper on Steam.

but that's a board game, not a video game

It is a good game, but you will need a tablet or a smartphone to use the accompanying app.

got this on release and love playing it, can be played on your own but much better with a group of 4, also you do need a fair sized table to play on

On my list. My group aren't too comfortable with co-op board games.

Ordered for 17.93 through Flubit, after seeing this. Thanks!

Flubit saying "Sorry! We don't accept this product." now.

Good price. Fun game with 4.

For the true helplessness of the XCom experience, make sure you keep the board on the floor while your kids/pets run around.

It's... ok. I found it a bit clumbersome to play. Sat on a shelf since about the 2nd time of playing never to see daylight again

Gone up in price now chaps.
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