Xenta 163 Piece Rotary Tool and Accessory Kit £16.98 @ Ebuyer

Xenta 163 Piece Rotary Tool and Accessory Kit £16.98 @ Ebuyer

Found 29th Apr 2017
Been looking at muti-tools for a while, reviews on others are poor, even Dremel reviews are mixed. This one seems pretty good on the reviews. Cheaper than on Amazon.
Xenta 163 piece Rotary Tool and Accessory Kit The Kit contains 163 pieces for every type of job. The Xenta 163 piece Rotary Tool and Accessory Kit fits all existing DREMEL accessories and attachments has variable speed control: 10000~32000rpm a fast Spindle lock to easily change accessories and it Includes 163 accessories for multipurpose use. The Xenta 163 is designed to have replaceable motor brushes which is superb idea because once you have used the rotary tool for many years you only need to replace the very low cost motor brushes and off you go again. This kit offers high performance use for drilling, cutting, sharpening, cleaning, polishing and engraving. This is the perfect partner for hobbyists.
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I bought this a couple of years ago.
I wouldn't recommend it as the tool holder wouldn't release after the first few uses and it now sits idle in the shed.
Spend the money on a slightly better branded one.
As above I bought this too and has no end of problems. It over heated and the pin holding the heads wouldn't stay tight.

I'd get a dremmel.
+1 for the Dremmel. Mine has had a lot of use for 15 years and still going great. No need to replace any brushes.
I had one of these myself. and put it in the bin after some of the parts broke up or shafts broke in use.
very cheap quality.
As others, I bought this used it a couple of times and now it is broken (cant unlock neck to change attachment).

Don't bother.
100 piece kit is on 7.99 on ebay.
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