Xenta 163 piece rotary tool set - £19.97 INCLUDING POST - Ebuyer supplied from Amazon

Xenta 163 piece rotary tool set - £19.97 INCLUDING POST - Ebuyer supplied from Amazon

Found 14th Jul 2015
Ebuyer have sold this at less but added post - You also don't need prime - so compared to a dremel I reckon this is a sweet offer.

A bonus is if you use it for dental work - a filling is £60 to £120 - you get this kit and some polyfilla and you've saved a fortune... (I jest of course!)

163pcs rotary tool and accessory kit

With a staggering 163 pieces in a compact accessory kit, this rotary multi-tool is the ideal equipment for DIY jobs around the house and outside the house.

Variable Speed

With a variable speed control this rotary tool can be used for precise DIY work down to the last detail, with speeds from 10,000 to 32,000 rpm. It is truly "Exceptional Value for money"

Quick and Easy

With the spindle lock quickly and easily change from one tool to the next with minimal fuss. All of the DREMEL accessory attachments will work with this rotary tool making this the multi-tool to choose.

This is the Xenta 163 piece Rotary Tool and Accessory Kit. The kit fits all existing DREMEL accessories and attachments. You can tackle every type of job with the vast array of accessories in the kit. It drills, cuts, sharpens, cleans, polishes, engraves and so many other useful functions. And at this price point it is exceedingly good value for money. It is so lightweight that anyone can handle it without effort.

It has a variable speed switch to give you more control and can operate between 10,000 - 32,000 RPM. The fast lock makes it easy to change attachments and with 163 of them to use it really is a multipurpose tool. The Kit is supplied in wall mountable or free standing handy storage case. This Rotary kit uses a special long life motor to give hours of high performance use on the maximum speed setting. The brushes in the motor are fully replaceable meaning when brushes do eventually wear out - you don not throw the rotary tool away like so many others, simply fit (in minutes) a new set of low cost brushes and carry on working.

Verdict: "Exceptional Value for money"

Drills, cuts, sharpens, cleans, polishes and engraves most surfaces Ideal hobby and craft tool
• Fits all existing DREMEL accessories and attachments
• Variable speed control: 10000~32000rpm
• Spindle lock to easily change accessories
• Includes 163 accessories for multipurpose use
• Supplied in a wall mountable or free standing handy storage case
• Long life replaceable motor brushes for hours of high performance use
• 135W

• 22pcs Sanding Bands
• 1pcs Felt Wheel Pointed
• 1pcs Rubber Emery Wheel
• 2pcs Sanding Shanks
• 3pcs HSS Cutters
• 9pcs Brushes
• 30pcs Cut-off Wheels,Heavy Duty
• 4pcs Collets
• 1pcs Dressing Stone
• 1pcs Flap Wheel
• 1pcs Wrench
• 1pcs Case
• 5pcs Felt Wheels
• 1pcs Cloth Wheel
• 6pcs HSS Twist Drills
• 7pcs Diamond Cutters
• 10pcs Grinding wheels with shank
• 2pcs Polish Compounds
• 32pcs Cut-off Wheels,Regular
• 12pcs Grinding Wheel
• 4pcs Mandrels For Wheel
• 5pcs Fiberglass Cut-off Wheels
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Very good price. Its got to be one of those tools that you don't really need but have to buy "just in case"!!
Heat added X)
Ordered cheers....not sure why cold ? Heat from me
Why is this cold...

Good price

Why is this cold...Good price

G-d knows!



Why is this cold...Good price

It has always been at this price so not really a deal.
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