Xenta U-Charge Battery Charger £3.99 + £3.58 shipping

Xenta U-Charge Battery Charger £3.99 + £3.58 shipping

Found 7th Dec 2014
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x1 Xenta U-Charge Battery Charger

Charger Description

A super smart and super durable battery charger! The Xenta U-Charge is suitable for charging AA & AAA NiMH, Hybrid, NiCD batteries. It features 10 different levels of protection to ensure the charger and your batteries remain in peak condition for the longest length of time possible. Featuring individual charging circuits, you no longer have to charge your batteries in pairs. The charger has also undergone superior 'rugged testing' to ensure that it will withstand a good number of knocks and bumps. The charger is even capable of withstanding a drop of 1 metre on a variety of surfaces - even concrete!

Charger Features

Suitable for 1 to 4pcs AA/AAA Ni-MH/Ni-Cd/Hybrid batteries.
Rugged - Able to stand a drop from 1 metre - tested on 6 different surfaces including concrete.
Negative delta-V (-dv) cut-off - wont overcharge your batteries
Defective and non-rechargeable battery detection - protects the charger if you attempt to charge defective or non-rechargeable batteries.
Reverse polarity protection - protects the charger & batteries from being damaged by incorrectly installed batteries.
Over current protection - maintains a constant charging current during the charging cycle.
Timer control protection - automatically detects the correct charging time and the main charging current changes to a trickle current.
Voltage control charging - Inspects batteries voltages to determine charging terminal point
Short circuit protection
Low battery leakage current
Trickle charge after full charge
Individual LCD display
Pulse charging feature - uses a precisely regulated current to maximize the charging efficiency, control battery temperature and increase battery life.

Charge Times

1-2 Cells 3 Cells 4 Cells
AA NiMH/NiCD 1600mAh 5 Hrs 7.5 Hrs 9.6 Hrs
AA NiMH/NiCD 2000mAh 6 Hrs 9.2 Hrs 12 Hrs
AAA NiMH/NiCD 600mAh 3.6 Hrs 5.5 Hrs 7.2 Hrs
AAA NiMH/NiCD 800mAh 4.8 Hrs 7.4 Hrs 9.6 Hrs

Technical Specifications

Electrical Performance and Tests

Input voltage: 100-240VAC
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Input power: Pin ¡Ü 5.0W

Charging current
AA: 1 ~ 2pcs: 400mA
3pcs: 260mA
4pcs: 200mA
(Peak current: 800mA ¡À 100mA)
AAA: 1 ~ 2pcs: 200mA
3pcs: 130mA
4pcs: 100mA
(Peak current: 400mA ¡À 80mA)

Trickle charge current
(Peak current: 400mA ¡À 80mA, On 1s off 9s )
2.1.4 Charging voltage
1.4V DC ¡Á 4 channels


nice find woulda bought if I hadnt already purchased an electronic energizer one last week!

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