Xeox Pro Analog Wireless Gamepad Controller for PC  - Amazon £17.99 (£21.98 inc Del.)

Xeox Pro Analog Wireless Gamepad Controller for PC - Amazon £17.99 (£21.98 inc Del.)

Found 10th Nov 2015
Not the best price it's ever been (which was £16.99) but its pretty close.

Seems to have good reviews (4.4 Amazon stars) many describing considerably better battery life when compared to a 360/Xbox One controller.

Taken from Amazon..


• Wireless PC gamepad

• Reliable 2.4GHz wireless technology with a range of up to 10m

• Dual-Mode technology guarantees full compatibility with practically all games (switchable between XInput und DirectInput)

• Two maximum-precision analog sticks

• Ergonomically and perfectly positioned left stick for professional analog gaming


(I'd take issue with the last point being perfect as I prefer the playstation layout ;))

Apologies in advance to the gaming purists that I don't use a gaming mouse & keyboard.

Note this version is not the PS3 version but is apparently Windows 10 compatible.
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Any idea if this would work with an android box?
I have a few of these controllers, mine is the type that works on PS3 or PC, there is a switch on the usb dongle. To start with they were nice comfortable controllers that felt great in the hand, very much in the style of the 360 controller. They seemed ideal but within months manufacturing defects started to show up. On one of them the middle button (to bring it on) stuck making it almost impossible to switch on(!). Then another one works but the d pad is so loose/slack it feels as if it is going to fall off. Likewise the dongles seemed to stop working after a while with the end result being that I have only one working dongle between the 3 controllers I own. That said with the infinitely better PS4 and Xbox One controllers I have now they never get used anyway.

Maybe I was just unlucky but makes it hard for me to recommend them.....
My one started acting wonky within a few months, they are not made very well at all.
Interesting that two have you have mentioned issues with the controller I can only see 4 customers out of 79 mentioning problems in the reviews so you may have been unlucky.

Either way I guess thats a good reason to buy from Amazon?
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