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5 day free gym pass at Xercise4less
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
5 days free at any club. Think all are included. Just sign up and follow through.

I have seen some bad reviews for them. But personally had been with them for around 2 years and not an issue. They tend to convert old warehouses into gyms so have loads of space and equipment. When I cancelled never had anyone chasing me for money and Harlands were actually pretty useful when I wanted an invoice. I guess there is always going to be issues with scale up. At the time I was paying £10 a month for peak membership, so was a steal.


Google problems with xcercise for less/Harlands before even doing a 5 day trial nothing but con artists


Excellent gym, well at least my local one is it has 3 separate floors and a studio plus a boxing ring and MMA cage and punch bags etc and I only pay £9.99 a month. Unbelievable really


couldnt pay me to go back there. Bad organising, classes cancelled


Nearest gym 100 miles away, never mind, back to the biscuits.......

Free 5 Day Gym Pass Unlimited Access at xercise4less
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Interested in a Free 5 Day Gym Pass? Fill in the form. Make sure you put your email and phone number. Once submitted we’ll contact you to arrange a time that suits you. It’s that… Read more

worse gym ever!!!!! the Hull branch is anyway (shock)


True. Also the personal trainers ask the same. They just can't leave you alone.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep my earphones firmly plugged in and zone them all out if mine is the same :)


I went for one of these at my local branch and I was hassled like I've never been hassled before! I went once and during my 60 minute workout the manager came over THREE times to ask 'how I was getting on'. By the time I'd driven home (a 10 minute journey) they'd already called to see if I wanted to join and that was day one of my five day pass! I never went back and had to block their number as they rang me constantly afterwards. The equipment was good in the gym and it was big but it was really busy and there seemed to be a lot of people who weren't really into fitness (not even dressed in gym wear, clearly didn't have a clue what they were doing, clearly weren't even trying, standing around chatting, etc) which I didn't like as I'm quite serious about training. Your local branch might not be as bad but just a warning!


It’s says “unlimited access”!!!!!

Xercise4Less Gym 8 Week Body Transformation Camp only £49
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
Was looking to book this in Oct for 100 quid, now just seen their Black Friday deal is £49 for 8 week course.

Cheers. I just need to get fit!


I've just completed my second camp in a row, and signed up for this next one. Most of us really enjoyed it, and it does wonders for your fitness levels (I started as a couched potato), but I can't say that we saw any huge weight losses if that's what you're looking for. It's great fun, really hard work, but really worth it - especially at this price. I'd recommend it generally.


Prob the worst time of year to do this lol


Looks good. Anyone tried this?

Xercise for less gym membership offer- £7.99 off peak/ £12.79 on peak
Found 6th Apr 2018Found 6th Apr 2018
Xercise for less gym membership offer- £7.99 off peak/ £12.79 on peak
£7.99£9.9920%xercise4less Deals
🔥OFFER EXTENDED! 20% OFF GYM MEMBERSHIP! Starts from just £7.99pm 🔥 Offer now closes at midnight Sunday 8th April! ⏳ Full peak membership - was £15.99pm, … Read more

Too far away


Sounds an amazing deal.

Students deal: 20% off on Gym Membership using Unidays @ Xercise4less
Found 10th Jan 2018Found 10th Jan 2018
Students deal: 20% off on Gym Membership using Unidays @ Xercise4less
Xercise4less is offering 20% off for student gym membership. Student membership starts from £12.79 per month. Full peak membership includes classes and eligibility to access all g… Read more
Free gym membership for kids @ xercise4less - Sessions are aimed at 3-5 years olds and their parent or guardian to promote physical activity and leading a healthier lifestyle
Found 6th Feb 2017Found 6th Feb 2017
Free gym membership for kids @ xercise4less - Sessions are aimed at 3-5 years olds and their parent or guardian to promote physical activity and leading a healthier lifestyle
HOW IT WORKS Sessions are aimed at 3-5 years olds and their parent or guardian to promote physical activity and leading a healthier lifestyle overall. Within session there will be … Read more

This is supposed to be at Southend Xercise4less but they never have an instructor...so frustrating


​I do have kids yeah and I agree I wouldn't want them running around in the dark on their own. That being said, that doesn't mean kids need to be sat plonked on the sofa every night with a tablet in hand "keeping them safe". Nothing stopping then doing other things to keep active.


Gym for kids.. Honeybooboo comes to mind.


Heat for this deal, but for those looking for free exercise options look for your local parkrun which are open to anyone aged 4+. There are 5k parkruns on Saturday mornings, although under 11s must run with an adult. Junior parkruns are 2k on Sunday mornings for 4-14 years old and they don't need to run with an adult. Google it and register it in advance. You even get freebies after a certain number of runs.


I too used to be out all the time with my mates running around and on our bikes etc. however being a parent now (not sure if you have kids yourself) I couldn't imagine letting my daughters out doing everything I did, would worry me to death! I don't think it's fair to blame it all on electronic devices, some people may just prefer having their children safe where they can see them. I personally believe the issue with overweight kids is the food being provided to them....you are what you eat after all! That being said there's nothing stopping people from having a day out as a family in the park, walking or even biking - no cost involved other than time!

Xercise4less deal. £9.99 peak membership and nothing to pay for 30 days.
Found 4th Sep 2016Found 4th Sep 2016
Xercise4less deal. £9.99 peak membership and nothing to pay for 30 days.
It's usually 15 a month but I've got it for 9.99 a month with nothing to pay upfront. Went to Edinburgh gym on link and used code studentek . Means I can use any of their gyms and … Read more
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scotland exercise4less are all pretty good cos they're new too. my local one is run down as it is one of the oldest and clearly xercise4less don't really update and redo their gyms like puregym. I asked the manager of my xercise4less if they have plans to redo it cos it's looking run down and he got defensive saying it's not up to him and in his eyes it's maintained to a high standard and is very clean and he's been a trainer for X years. Its clean enough but as I told him I can do my workouts and its not a problem...I was just providing feedback which obviously wasn't taken politely as I meant it -_- biggest bugbear is that people don't put plates away at this gym. during a PT session even the trainer's tell clients to leave plates on bars. everyone puts dumbbells in random slots on the stand so it's always a hunting game. I'm used to it now


I'm in Scotland, all good! Haha


One in Bolton. close to town centre.


What one was that? I'll make sure I avoid it! The one I go to is well maintained. Someone's always about tidying.


I did hear of issues with cancelling, but I often wonder if those cancelling did it properly. One way out is to tell them you are re-locating, somewhere where they don't have their gyms like London or abroad. But, you shouldn't have to fight to cancel after you've completed your 12 month membership. I have heard positive though, so not all bad. I have two gyms I use and luckily, both are fairly well maintained. You do get the odd issue with weights not being replaced, but that was also a problem at my local council gyms. Down to ignorance in my opinion, a bit like not wiping the machines down after use.

xercise4less gym membership from £9.99
Found 20th Aug 2014Found 20th Aug 2014
xercise4less gym membership from £9.99
xercise4less gym 9.99 monthly membership. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Have you been a member long? Been contemplating joining for a little while


The Nottingham branch has been fine in my experience


Good man...thanks Everything looks north of Watford so no use anyway!


These are gym's out of hell !! mine is Wakefield and it's roof have leaked 6 times this year! they have had to close the gym each time . I'd suggest IF it's a new building then pay otherwise don't! We have had sewerage leaks, no fans, no heaters , loads of staff leaving , 3 new managers in 1 year! The management are however Very greedy. They just care and just want money . They haven't paid their pt trainers and so many have left. I know you can't grumble at 10 quid but don't say I never warned you. actually the price used to be £100 for 15 months. now they are skint and want to open more and more gyms, and 1 manager told me this !


You could have looked on the site, or instead, got me to for you.. Now Open Bolton Bristol Burnley Castleford Doncaster East Kilbride Falkirk Hull Leeds Liverpool Liverpool Speke Newcastle Newcastle-under-Lyme Nottingham Renfrew Rotherham St Helens Stockton North Stockton South Sunderland Swansea Wakefield Wigan Coming Soon Aberdeen Barnsley Birmingham Bradford Carlisle Dundee Edinburgh Gateshead Glasgow North Glasgow South Huddersfield Leeds South Leicester Southampton Wolverhampton York

Xercise4less 9.99 a month and first month free. Bank holiday deal
Found 23rd May 2014Found 23rd May 2014
Xercise4less 9.99 a month and first month free. Bank holiday deal
9.99 a month no admin fee no joining fee first month free 12 month contract so 109.89 for 12 months! ***NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE*** Have to call a branch. Head office is Leeds: 0113 88… Read more
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budget gyms= overcrowded and dirty.


Oh and my current deal was 15 months for £100


omg. I'm with these. title should say New members only! ! they don't clean the gym, don't fix the machine but still want your money .

xercise4less - £9.99 per month using code
Found 9th Apr 2014Found 9th Apr 2014
xercise4less - £9.99 per month using code
Just joined xercise4less for £9.99 per month with no admin fee. It think it's normally £15.99 per month with a £20 admin fee. Just sign up online using the code FREE1

Still works! Thanks!!


Wow thank you :) still works. Saved me join up fee and £5.99 a month :)


No problem


thanks still works!

Found 27th Jun 2013Found 27th Jun 2013
i joined xercise4less in leeds 2weeks ago and paid £134 for the year year no admin thinking it was a good deal. just received an email with a discount code "FREE1", i just wanted t… Read more

no they didnt check. you get a pin number by email and you just use that to enter the gate


do they check id if you use student1? must be a student discount


STUDENT1 worked for me 05/11/15 £9.99 pm for PEAK and £15 admin fee


Has anyone got a code? Tried them all.


Anyone got a current code for the Cas xercise 4 less gym?

Full ANNUAL Membership. TODAY ONLY £100!!! at xercise4less Gym in Wakefield!
Found 6th Dec 2010Found 6th Dec 2010
Full ANNUAL Membership. TODAY ONLY £100!!! at xercise4less Gym in Wakefield!
I have nothing to do with this GYM infact im wanting to become a member but due to loosing my job i cant signup :( but that cant stop your lot ;) They seem to have lots of offers … Read more

Excellent. Shame its a bit too far for me to travel. Hot


Thanks for this, I've just gone for it. Peak membership no admin fee £100 for the year no tie ins or catches that I could see, sorted.


As I mentioned, so many offers.


I've joined this gym. Good equipment and if you don't want to be tied up to a year, you can have £14.99 a month on a month by month contract. This £100 deal works out at about £8.33 a month which is mega cheap. I do however wonder if these offers mean that the gym is at risk of failing if they don't get enough sign up... My advice would be to pay by credit card and you wil hopefully be covered by the credit card company as it's over £100.


They have now offred BOGOF ??? but dont know if you can use both offers at the same time good for couples!