XEROX 6120N Colour laser £123.67 inc VAT

XEROX 6120N Colour laser £123.67 inc VAT

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Found 27th Jul 2006
Just spotted this on hexus bargain forum.

XEROX 6120N Colour laser £123.67 inc VAT AND DELIVERY


also got this copier scanning thing:

£105.74 inc VAT

prices seem to be over £300 for this on dealtime
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Ps forgot to mention 5% off from quidco :-) as well.
Thanks for this Added image and the link now goes straight to the Xerox printer deal...
Delivery is £5.88 making the total £123.67
i thought the postage was 5pounds as well. maybe i clicked on the wrong thing but they charged me 10 quid :-(

still a good deal though
just found out why. in the small print.....

For all orders over 20kg, add £4.50 per additional 20kg or part.
Ah Thanks for that...
Do we have any reviews of this Xerox unit?

also some other good deals in that mail:
AGM 19" TFT Monitor £111.61 inc VAT

Firstly many thanks for the original posting, yoshi, and for the review links as well!

The toners for this machine sell at approx £210 for the complete set. Then there's the imaging unit, £120, not to mention the transfer belt £??? - all user replaceable parts. Taking a medium term view of this purchase it makes sense to buy TWO! Even if all you ever need is the replacement toner cartridges you are getting these at half price! You also save a bit more on the delivery charges. And when you get to 120,000 copies you also have the service-replaceable transfer roller and fuser unit. The downside is it's a big box.

I did check with Xerox and they confirmed, after some considerable checking, that the printer ships with full toner cartridges. So I ordered the two at lunchtime yesterday, delivered this afternoon - set up only took a few minutes. Well pleased with the deal and Misco service. The delivery charge to N.Ireland was around £15 plus 2 X £4.50 for the excess weight as discussed above.

The total came to £263.18 for the pair which compares well with online prices for one!
hi biddy, glad to hear that you made good use of the deal. i bought one as well but its still in the box as i'm still refurbing my home office at the moment. i agree about it being cheaper to buy a whole new printer rather than pay for spares as crazy as it sounds.

i'm going to wait till my consumables run out and see if there is a better deal going when that happens. aybe on a one pass colour printer.

happy printing
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