XFX 650W 80+ Bronze Psu - BT Business Direct - £66.99

XFX 650W 80+ Bronze Psu - BT Business Direct - £66.99

Found 20th Mar 2013
I've spent hours looking for a decent PSU.

Apparently it's made by Seasonic, has a 5 year warranty and is single rail.

It also has solid reviews everywhere.

For the price I can't see better!

£71.26 inc Delivery
- Bully
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quality psu
+1 quality PSU and you're correct its Seasonic guts. Good £5-£10 cheaper than elsewhere too. Have some heat!
Brilliant PSU's, I'v got the older 550watt version, And that is powering an i5 at 4.8Ghz,5 hard drives, 2 TV cards, A HD5450 graphics card and a pair of HD5850's in crossfire(I use 5 monitors), Never heard the fan in the PSU spin up or get warm.
Thanks for the feedback, can't wait!
£71.26 inc Delivery
Your right Bully there is a hidden delivery charge, I paid 69.57 on a super saver delivery. Still cheaper if only by a couple of quid than the rest. Plus I don't like DABS
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