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Posted 15 February 2023

Xiaomi 12 Smartphone 8+128GB, 6.28” 120Hz AMOLED Display, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 50MP+13MP+5MP - £436.71 @ Amazon

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Matching the previous low for this particular phone, nice compact (by todays standards) phone

What's in the box?
  • Mobile Phone
  • USB Cable
  • Headphones
  • UK Charger

Master the Opulent Sound
Xiaomi 12 now features dual speakers with SOUND BY Harman Kardon, and Dolby Atmos, providing you with everything you need to be mesmerized by a musical masterpiece.

Take Charge like a Master
Large 4500mAh(typ) battery packs a powerful and fast-charging 4500mAh battery, the highest energy-density battery in Xiaomi's history, so you'll never have to worry about running out of juice. 67W wired + 50W wireless turbo charging; 67W wired charging, takes 39 mins to top up. Wireless charging up to 50W, taking just 53mins for a full charge.

Advanced Cooling System
The cooling system features an ultra-thin 2900mm² super-big vapor chamber that is significantly larger than anything before, along with three layers of massive graphite sheet to effectively reduce the core temperature.

Master of Performance
Using Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, performance has been taken to the next level driven by the cutting-edge 4nm process chipset. Whether it's photo-taking, gaming or content viewing, you are one step ahead. Discover the next generation of speed.

Shoot Like a Master
With Xiaomi ProFocus, Xiaomi 12 adopts an all-new focusing technology with subject learning and tracking algorithm. Xiaomi ProFocus allows for capturing moving subjects more clearly. With help from AI algorithms and imaging technology, the video automatically brightens the scene and retains more detail than the naked eye, even when filming in the dark, almost as if you added a night-vision filter to your phone.

Masterpiece on Display
Xiaomi 12 6.28" AMOLED is the perfect display that is hard to fault in terms of clarity, colour and smoothness. With a more accurate, wider range of colours and more natural colour transitions, the Xiaomi 12 display excels at rendering colour-rich images, making every image pleasing to the eye and a visual feast for the senses.

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  1. mauropicotto's avatar
    Checked phone arena seems as though its the 12 although battery on poco ever so slightly beats 12.but band support wise dont have a clue which is better
    Ray_DJ's avatar
    * the global region phones will likely have the same bands available
    * 210g f4 GT Vs 180g 12 (phone weight)
    * Haptics are likely better on f4 GT due to size of vibration motor (haptics imo feel better than any phone I've tested beyond what is said on paper).
    * F4 GT has game triggers If they're something you'd find useful, can also be used for macros.

    'f4 gt' pros:
    - 0.5 inch larger display size
    - on 256GB model 12GB RAM Vs 8gb on 12 (one some models including the one in question)
    - F4 GT has game/macro triggers, I actually found them useful for stuff like easy access to the camera and so far the switching mechanism to toggle the triggers recessed/engaged feels robust
    - F4 GT can be charged faster (120W Vs 67W, 17min charging time Vs 39 mins) as an owner I can tell you this is definitely accurate).
    - Side mount/power button fingerprint sensor Vs under display, personally I much prefer having it on the power button so for me this is a plus.
    - 64MP Vs 32MP camera sensor, doesn't necessarily mean it's better, check next section.
    - Potentially better speakers than 12, check full review on GSM and compare using their tools (4 speakers on f4 Vs 12, but the speakers are likely smaller, however overall they produce very nice audio, have used equaliser apps myself to boost volume and in doing so I gave gotten them quite loud without sacrificing any audio "balancing". Overall speakers sound excellent imo.

    '12' pros:
    - display supports Dolby vision
    - Display has better peak brightness with HDR at 1100 Nits Vs 800 on f4 GT, and 12 bit colour Vs 10 bit colour on f4 GT (could be 8 bit + FRC, worth checking) (68 billion vs 1 billion colour shades, no big discernable difference but if it's a concern then yh, personally I find the 10 bit more than adequate.
    - Has OIS on main camera despite lower resolution, best to watch reviews in regards to camera quality as only your eyes can tell you which is the best/a good comparison if available. Basically means there is hardware video stabilisation as opposed to only software on the f4 GT, leads to less shaky footage (only on rear main/50MP sensor)
    - higher resolution macro/wide angle sensors (8 Vs 5mp and 13 Vs 8mp respectively, 12 Vs f4 GT).
    - 32MP front camera sensor VS 20MP, however slightly better light sensitivity on 20MP sensor (0.8um Vs 0.7um), this is pretty neglible however and overall the sensor on the 12 is better.
    - supports wireless charging 50W/53 min charge time and 10W reverse wireless charging

    Those should be most of the differences covered (edited)
  2. LyesLyes18's avatar
    Which is better for same price Xiaomi 12 or 12t?
    PC49's avatar
    Think it boils down to the screen size for me. The 12 is quicker and has a better camera but the 12T is quick enough and the camera good enough.
  3. lizardkiss's avatar
    This one or S23/23+ or Pixel 7?
    laurypop's avatar
    This is a compact phone (even if it is 6.3") so really got to compare with S22 (at the same price point) or iPhone 13. P7 is way bigger. Never had this phone but it's one of the best you can get for a compact phone. S23 now might be better as a newer model but way more money. They have "good as new" for £362... I'm tempted
  4. Adam's avatar
    I've got the Xiaomi 12 lite , had the old 12 pro, not missing much at all to be honest (noticeably), the phones still as quick as my old pro, dosent lag, signal is better compared to branded phones I've tested (Sony Xperia 5 IV, s21 FE). The screen display is crisp, audio quality decent.
    Once you've had an Xiaomi with the fast charge (67W) you'll never want a slow charging phone again.
  5. IWANTBLUE's avatar
    Oh for an Ip rating :/

  6. rapid85's avatar
    Go this a few weeks ago. It's biggest strength is it's biggest weakness imo. Snapdragon 8 gen 1 makes the phone very snappy but also gets a bit hot for my liking. Battery life is 'OK'. Light senor has made auto brightness a bit of a pain. Everything else is spot on. It's very good but not perfect.

    I brought it because it's one of the very few flagships is somewhat compact size. For around £400 I do think it's very good value. As others have said I expect this to be below £400 in the coming months.
  7. akil_mayet's avatar
    Does the camera have OIS? Xiaomi seem to have the knack of destroying their camera setup by having no OIS and also not optimising their camera with software
    maxias's avatar
    Yes, it does and it works great.
  8. mauropicotto's avatar
    12 vs poco f4 gt??
  9. LyesLyes18's avatar
    Xiaomi 13 ,13pro coming up at the end of this month in Europe maybe worth waiting,we may see a price drop for 12 series, 11 series?
    PC49's avatar
    That's what I'm doing.
  10. radu.sebi's avatar
    Shows as £379.30 now. Can someone update the price here? (edited)
    Dorian_Mangel's avatar
    Only used available now , not new hence the price drop
's avatar