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Xiaomi 33W Wall Charger White 3.0A £9.99 / OnePlus 30W £13.99 / 20W £9.99 Delivered @ MyMemory / Ebay

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Says brand new, but they come unpackaged, but will have no doubt they're genuine. Couple other choices below like OnePlus chargers etc

3.0A - ebay.co.uk/itm/285120417363

Key Features
Input: 100-240V-, 50/60Hz, 0.7A
Output: 5.0V---3.0A 15.0W/ 9.0V---3.0A 27.0W/ 12.0V---2.25A 27.0W/ 20.0V---1.35A 27.0W/ 11.0V---3.0A Max 33.0W Max

OnePlus Wall Charger 30W Power Adapter - White - £13.99

Dash Charger 20W - £9.99
eBay More details at eBay

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    Note the 2amp claims to be 33W. It is not. It is 10W. 5V @2amps is 10 watt. For the extra quid just buy the genuine 33W 3amp charger
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    Are these warp chargers compatible with supervooc?

    Is a 65w supervooc for £16 a good deal?

    ebay.co.uk/itm…8YQ (edited)
    No the charger from the OP is up to 30W charging, the supervooc is a brand name from Oppo for over 50w up to 150w charging. The link you have posted is for an unbranded copy of the official supervooc 65w charger, not a terrible price, but you can get opened but no used official ones from this link : ebay.co.uk/itm/266020776082 (edited)
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    They put some more but watch out! It's a title mistake, it is not 33W as it is only 5V 2A = 10W

    No wonder the RRP is so low49395729-9Tn4g.jpg
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    Needs the xioami specific cable with the extra pin for full charge speed
    Where can you get one of those, need a replacement myself.
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    Xiaomi 33W out of stock (edited)
    All of them?
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    Some good prices for Xiaomi and OnePlus chargers ♨️
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    Nice price for the Xiaomi 33w. Good charger that seems a decent all-rounder for fast charging Xiaomi, Samsung, Pixel's, etc
    Suitable for a Pixel 6a?
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    OOS! I missed the deal ... again.
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    Does anyone know where I can compatible USB cables for the 33W charger?
    The 1 metre cable is way too shorter
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    Note they have ten of each, so 40 in total of the items in the title
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    Just bought, thanks. It's £9.99 but checks out at £10. Not a big deal but anyone know why? (edited)
    Think it's rounded up the vat when I looked at the breakdown on the checkout.
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    Thanks Op, got myself a spare now, but I think you need the right cable to go with it for the extra power ?
    I just use anker one and it turbo charges fine.
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    One plus supports its own standard of QC. Does not work with Pixel. It might be the same with Xiaomi.
    The Xiaomi 33w works fine with fast charging the Pixel's I've tried.
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    D'oh exactly what I was after as my Mi 10 had it missing out the box from CEX
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    Didn't need it, but got 1 30w warp for spare... I hate that they don't have power delivery over type a... :@
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    Do you need a special cable or any usb-c cable can be used for getting the full 65W speed?
    It's only 33 watts, not 65
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    Great prices, shame it wasn't the 67W Xiaomi charger.
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    Anyone know where to get oppos official find x3 Pro charging cable, I believe its for a 65W charger
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    I need this but out of stock
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    Will this work for my Xiaomi 11T pro?
    It'll work but won't be the fastest - believe it's 120W needed for 11T Pro to get the fastest times, so this might take 4x the time to charge?

    That being said it'll be about an hour to go from 0 to 100% charge with this, so not slow exactly (edited)
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    Was after one of these, but missed out. Will have to keep a closer eye on hukd
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    These are hard to get hold of or at least they were when I lost mine.
    Good find
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    Does it use PD so as to charge an iPhone?
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