Xiaomi Air 13 Ultrabook at Gearbest for £619.81

Xiaomi Air 13 Ultrabook at Gearbest for £619.81

Found 22nd Apr 2017
GearBest: £619.81 (free shipping, 10-30 business days)

First of all, credit due:
Original thread about the 12” version that deserves most credit, to djdope:

Then credit to djbenny1 who posted about the 13” version in that thread.
As such, I’m posting this to show what I think is a good deal and also to summarise & collate info in 1 place.
Also, I’m sure that prices have been a little lower in the past and may indeed drop again; I don’t think that changes this as being the best deal available at this moment, but should prices drop I’ll update this deal.

Xiaomi Air 13 Laptop / Ultrabook.
Brief Pros:
Thin & Light
Can play games (see below)
Amazing value for money

Brief Cons:
Warranty and support could be tricky – I have no experience, but reading it seems like a much riskier scenario than buying from a local store.
Chinese version of Windows 10 installed
(Post here and here on changing to English windows)

Weight = 1.28kg / 5.5 pounds
Size: 309.6mm*210.9mm*14.8mm
Screen size: 13.3”
Intel Core i5 6200U (ARK)
8GB DDR4, 2133MHz
256GB PCIe x 4 NVMe SSD, 1.5GBs, plus a spare space slot for another
802.11 ac WiFi
BT 4.1
Full sized HDMI socket
1 x USB-C slot, 2 x USB 3.0 slots
NVIDIA Geforce GT 940MX (1G GDDR5 graphics, 5GHz frequency) (Note this is the stronger of the 2 main variants)

Reddit, an owner:
YouTube video review:

YouTube of the Geforce 940MX (GDDR5 version) playing games:
I’m a bit amazed with how good a GPU this is – in my head I think I was still expecting PS2-era graphics, but these are great!

Prices elsewhere:
The fleabay: £653 is lowest currently, other than an auction.
Tomtop: £639.59 & £37.59 P&P = £677.18
DX.com : £702.88

Am very tempted indeed to get this instead of a Dell XPS, but it clearly comes with more risks and work involved – I wouldn’t advise you get this unless you are comfortable messing around with PCs.
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£620 spend at Gearbest....basically forget that money if you have a problem
sorry but i'd rather get this


cold as a gigantic iceberg
Cheers.. Great laptop for the money. Unfortunately the price has increased since djbenny1 highlighted the deal.
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