Xiaomi Aqara smart water sensor @ gearbest - £6.93

Xiaomi Aqara smart water sensor @ gearbest - £6.93

Found 23rd Mar
Aqara smart water sensor can detect in water and remote alarm through APP timely. The durable battery can be used for two years and the battery can be replaced. IP67 waterproof grade, perfect for eave, garden, courtyard, balcony, etc. Simple fashion design, it is not only a Sensor but also an adornment. Technology creates happy life!

Main Features:
● Immersion monitoring, timely alarm by App
● IP67 waterproof grade, high-quality and durable
● No installation, place on the ground, small and exquisite
● Note: the CR2032 battery is included
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Wow. This is perfect fashion item. I will wear as a necklace (and as a bonus I will have a detailed log of every time I sweat...)
On a more serious note though, this is a great sensor. Heat
how do you buy at this price? I can see it in the app but when I add it to cart it goes back up to £11 odd.
Had this on their website the other day. Keep trying it will randomly start working.
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steve_b211 m ago

purchase via the app (not website).

my comment says i can see it in the app
abathingape12323rd Mar

my comment says i can see it in the app

Does the same in the app, add it to basket £6.93, come to checkout £11.74
What does it do?
If the device comes in contact with water it will/can Alert you in various ways. Alarm, switch lights on in rooms, send alert to your mobile etc.

I have 4.
2 in the bathrooms (under cabinets)
1 in the kitchen (under the cabinets)
1 in swimming pool pump room

If there ever is a leak it will alert.

Ps. You will need the Xiaomi or Samsung Smart things hub to connect to.
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Why's this being voted cold?
abathingape12323rd Mar

Why's this being voted cold?

Because people don’t know what it is/does :-)
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