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Posted 15 December 2022

Xiaomi mi 11 256gb and 8gb ram, Brand New SIM Free ( blue and black available) From £369 @ Mobile Phones Direct

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Looks like a good price for me for a brand new phone with pretty good specs.

Looking online, it'll probably get android 13 but not likely to get any more OS updates past that, but security patches likely to last until Spring 2024.

Key Features
Crystal clear 6.81-inch AMOLED DotDisplay
Triple rear cameras with wide-angle lens
Enjoy a 4600mAh battery life
20MP front camera
Fast charge
Water resistant
Fancy yourself a bit of a director in the making? The 108MP wide-angle lens on the Xiaomi Mi 11 will have you creating top quality videos in no time. And when it comes to playing them back, you can enjoy all that amazing detail on the 6.8-inch AMOLED DotDisplay in wide quad high definition. That’s a lot of tech making sure you’re brought the most epic, realistic pictures possible. When you’re off duty and just want to capture life’s special moments, the 20MP front camera means your selfie game will be on point. And with an impressive battery life and super-fast charging, you’ll be fully juiced up in just 45 minutes. Very handy. As an added bonus, it’s water resistant. There’s no stopping you now.

Sim Type Nano
Operating System Android
Operating System Version MIUI 12
Processor Family Qualcomm Snapdragon
Processor Number 888
Screen Size 6.81"
Resolution Size 3200x1440
Resolution Type WQHD+
USB Input USB Type-C
5G Ready Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Number of Front Camera Lenses 1
Number of Rear Camera Lenses 3
Rear Camera 1 (Megapixels) 108
Fingerprint Sensor Yes
Face Recognition Yes
Mobile Phones Direct More details at Mobile Phones Direct
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  1. Avatar
    888 get hot be warned....but a god bargain
    Perfect for this current UK weather. No need for hand warmers break out the sd888
  2. Avatar
    The battery life on all phones with 888 is ridiculous even with a larger cell of 4500 it's simply not enough
    My old 11T pro had the 888 and I found the battery fine. Easily got me through the day with a lot of video streaming, podcasts, music and some light gaming too.
  3. Avatar
    Nice that 🔥
    Tempted as I need wireless charging and my Mi10 is now cracked, or wait for the Mi 13 ?
  4. Avatar
    Cracking price.
    Regarding updates :
    "Xiaomi has promised that Xiaomi Mi 11 will get Android 13. However, this is only the manufacturer's promise, as far as we know - Xiaomi might release even further updates to the phone later or might end support earlier on." ♨️
    androidupdatetracker.com/ (edited)
    Security patches are good on the 11 series until at least 08/24 or upto 08/25 going by this.

    You will also see new versions of Miui bringing all the latest features and anything worth having from the latest Android version. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    The bezel is horrible at the top and bottom
  6. Avatar
    I'm tempted with this myself. I sent back a faulty 11T pro and not sure what to replace it with. Tempted between this, Poco f4 gt, the Giffgaff Sony xperia 1 IV, or nothing phone. Or just keep using my brother's old pixel 6 (which I don't get on with, very buggy) until some 2023 phones come out! (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Couple of pay monthlies. Total cost 533 or 552, any discount codes?
  8. Avatar
    Cracking phone, can't believe how cheap it is now (I paid £650..and I thought it was a great price back then), at this price it's a steal considering what's under the hood! (edited)
  9. Avatar
    Anyone knows if it is dual SIM?
    According to m.gsmarena.com/xia…php it is. But nothing is mentioned on Mobile Phones Direct .
    I have a mi11 and it is dual SIM.
    Got mine on a good deal with three when it launched and pretty happy with mine
  10. Avatar
    Never tried xiaomi phones, am I right that if I don't like it I would have to pay for return postage?
    I believe so.
  11. Avatar
    I'm on the f3. This good update?
    I would say so, I tried to buy the F3 last year then Amazon cancelled my order.
    Bought the Mi11 2nd hand and it is great.
    Only 2 issues are the battery life and it is a bit bigger than I wanted. If you get a skin case you do get used it though.
    It will last a full day on moderate use, screen on time about 5.5-6.5 hours. Charges very quick though!