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Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter - 30 KM Range - 25 km/h Top Speed - 8.5" Tyres - £294 with code @ Xiaomi UK

£294£39926% off
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Posted 2nd Jun 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Please read the latest UK Government guidance related to the use of e-Scooters
Travels up to 30 km distance*
25 km/h Maximum speed
Maximum power: 600 W Strong power motor
New rear dual-pad disc brake - More stable and safer
3-step folding* - Quick storage for more convenience
Aerospace grade aluminum body Light and sturdy - Weighs just 12.5kg

Strong performance to help with riding
Stronger power output with a maximum power of 600 W

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 can reach a maximum speed of 25km/h and has a 16% slope climbing capacity. Propel yourself forward with just a light press of the accelerator.

30km extra long-range
The kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) can recover kinetic energy from braking and coasting, and convert it into usable electrical energy to further improve travel range. Freely cruise through wide streets and narrow lanes, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way.

Three-speed modes, easy switching
Simply press the power button twice to switch among three modes. When commuting to work, press S to go faster. When cruising around the park, press D, and in crowded areas, you can turn on the pedestrian mode to walk alongside. The safety of the speed modes has been evaluated by TÜV Rheinland* according to EN17128 regulations.

Pedestrian mode
0-5 km/h

Standard mode
0-20 km/h

Sport mode
0-25 km/h
Please keep the discussion about this scooter deal, rather than whether deals on these should be allowed - see guidance above

Xiaomi UK Delivery & Returns Information

Xiaomi Standard Delivery is £4.90, or Free on orders over £69

Returns Information - Xiaomi will bear the shipping costs in case of return/shipment of a defect covered by the warranty or in case of return within the first 14 days following the initial purchase. Declarations must comply with XIAOMI's declaration requirements. A pre-paid return label can be obtained after successful creation of a return order from the XIAOMI service centre.
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  1. Avatar
    Can easily increase speed to 34km/h using some apps. It's way more fun then.
    Where do you get these apps mate?
  2. Avatar
    And in case I've give the wrong Impression, I absolutely love the idea of these. If implemented properly, with sensible laws, it will be a brilliant form of transport and I wouldn't hesitate to buy one.

    But, for the love of everything, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear a helmet on this or any bike etc. My partner works for the NHS and the number of fatal or near fatal head injuries she has to deal with from people not wearing helmets is shocking!
    I work in A&E. Helmets are mostly an illusion. They only protect you if they crush/compress to reduce the force on your head.

    This practically never happens. So many photos of people with a helmet cracked in two saying it saved their Life... no it didn't. It only saves your life if it compresses. Cracking open means it had done sod all.

    By all means advocate helmets but tested to a safe standard like motorbike helmets. At the moment they are useless because the test requirements are so basic.
  3. Avatar
    What is the lifespan of the battery packs on the likes of these?
    Can't speak to these, but I've got an ebike which is 3 years old and done circa 3K miles without any noticeable drop in capacity.
  4. Avatar
    Ive bought this scooter exactly 4 weeks ago from scooter hub for £259. I Saved so far arround £80 on petrol on everyday journeys to work and back.
    Also saw this, but they've now raised their prices to £309.95
  5. Avatar
    Good luck when you get a puncture on one of these, I've got one and it's been an absolute nightmare (edited)
    Wonder if Tubeless Tires work well?
  6. Avatar
    Bought one at the start of the pandemic when they cut the tube service in half so they were just as busy as before. Have done over 4000 miles on it so far and as long as you ride it on the road/ bike or bus lanes and don’t cut through red lights or pedestrian greens then the police won’t stop you. Like any mode of transport, people will be idiots but it’s not the fault of the scooter itself. They help reduce traffic and the insanely busy tube. If they said I needed a licence plate and insurance I would happily pay.

    This is good spec for the price but if you’re willing to spend a bit more I much prefer the brand E-Twow - 700w motor, solid wheels but with suspension so no punctures but just as smooth a ride. Personal Electric Transport have a store in Leyton so you can go and try it out and they’ve been great in terms of repairs and checkups.
    What's your definition of 'a bit more' because the cheapest one I'm seeing is almost double the price of this? Don't suppose you have a link to the one you're referencing as I'm interested?
  7. Avatar
    47550289-qe8iH.jpghow to get for 295, I'm not able to apply the mentioned coupon code
    Apologies, it appears the £5 discount for using Xiaomi app is no longer available. I will change the title
  8. Avatar
    I watched on television about all the accidents with e scooters but until there are proper regs in place and the type of people using them at present and risking there driving license. I think it's going to attract a lot of idiots which helps with the accident rate. I think there is a place for these and the government should get there finger out. I do think people should be insured though. But speed restricted is stupid. Cars are not, it's up to the rider driver to be responsible. Ebikes should not be restricted either speed wise! There are places that even 30 mph is acceptable. I think when there legal a lot will get sold! .

    Replying to

    You'd better look up how many people a year are killed or injured by vehicles on pavements. It's quite frightening.
  9. Avatar
    How will it take to charge? The way electricity is bills are going this escooter will add to your bill...
    5.5 Hours, although can be cheaper than fuel prices (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Just be sensible when riding it. Cycle path is where this belongs.

    I have bought a second hand iScooter i9pro for £130, everything works as new, battery seems okay. For £100 odd squids, if it get confiscated then so be it. But I always get off or slow down to jogging speed when near people, I only ride it at speed on dedicated cycle paths. I try to tuck behind cyclists so won’t startle pedestrians.
  11. Avatar
    What's max user weight for something like this.
    It’s 100KG but I’m unfortunately 110KG and it still shifts. just means less battery
  12. Avatar
    Last year I got run over by one of these electric scooter being ridden at between 15–20 mph in a pedestrianised zone, as I departed my local Boots store.

    I was subsequently flung in the direction of propagation of the motorised electric vehicle (yes, to me it's a vehicle, an EV, just like a Tesla), and I rolled over my back twice, with one of my shopping bag handles getting caught in the wheels, and my shopping contents being strewn in the vicinity of the accident.

    Thank the Lord, no harm came to me, other than being shocked by the incident. My shopping was also unharmed.

    The chap riding the e-scooter had no remorse whatsoever for his actions, as he grabbed my bags that clogged his wheels and threw it, and he tutted me as he rode off.

    A few passers-by aided me and collected together my shopping, to whom I shall be always be grateful for their help, as I was momentarily shaken by this unforseen incident.
    Thank the Lord? Physicist? 👀
  13. Avatar
    Does anyone know when these might be legalised in public spaces?

    Replying to

    Any info on this?
  14. Avatar
    I hear PURE are the ones in close talks with the government already about minimum legal requirements and government are in turn listening to PURE

    PURE e-scooters already have
    Front and rear lights
    Speed limit 15.5mph
    10" Wheels
    2 breaks
    Offer maintenance/inspection packages
    Hard to "hack" for speed increase, not impossible but also not as easy as a simple USB file drag/drop
  15. Avatar
    Invalid promo
    It works. Make sure no spaces after code or change browsers.
    It's 299 dough not 294.
  16. Avatar
    "Freely cruise through the traffic clogged wide streets and pot hole ridden narrow lanes, enjoying the litter strewn views along the way"

    I'm only here for the sharp legal minded comments.

    Replying to

    I will certainly buy one for popping the local shop or somewhere local. Certainly have their place in today's car centric society as part of the solution.
  17. Avatar
    Fingers crossed end of year these will be fully public road legal just like e-bikes
    Not this one. There will be specs for the legal ones that this will not meet, just as there are ebikes that don't comply with the legal conditions.
  18. Avatar
    I see these everywhere should be legal by now get people out of polluting cars and more of a green mode transport

    Replying to

    Wind,solar,nuclear,gas ect. Was there a point you were trying to make or do you not know the answer?
  19. Avatar
    Got the pro last week. It's a life changer for my work and gym commute.

    There's plenty of scooters in my city and not to jinx it but the police are fine provided you're not riding like a jerk in which case you should be stopped regardless if it's a scooter, bike or car
    Same, kids on my estate are rouge and dart around sometimes 2-3 on one scooter. However no different to when we were kids, we would have no breaks on BMX and have up to 4 people on one.

    Adults, going slow, and or wearing helmet police dont bat an eye, why would they want the hassle and paper work, its only when people in the public cry about it that the police will do a campaign for a week, police are under funded as it is. I had a friend who's garage was broken in to, didnt even get a police officer out, case closed after 12hrs with crime ref etc just for insurnace
  20. Avatar
    Watching people bomb down the pavements in these makes me sure they should be banned. There have been a number of fatal accidents with these hitting people too
    Wait till you hear about cars
  21. Avatar
    Cool, it will pay for itself in the long run.
    And a long run will pay for it in the short run
  22. Avatar
    What a load of bull. Highest on the list for injuries especially head injuries is cars. Second is ladders and working at height. Cycling well down the list.
  23. Avatar
    I agree these things need to be legalised - and probably harmonised with ebike legislation eg possibly restricted to 15.5mph (and give ebikes their throttles back). Possibly suggest they travel on the road/cycle paths too rather than pavements unless travelling at 6mph? (edited)
    My opinion is that all bikes, ebikes and scooters should be allowed on ALL pavements but must be fitted with a speedo and limiter and not allowed to go faster than 6mph. If you want to go faster you have to go on the road.
    That would make it possible to get around the local area quickly, cleanly and safely without needing to use a car or risk your life on busy roads, but also minimize the risk to pedestrians.
  24. Avatar
    ‘……..direction of propagation……? What?
    Yes, it means the direction of travel of the e-scooter.

    I'm a physicist, and "the direction of propagation" is used to describe the motion of bodies, sound waves, and photons (light).

    Such verbiage is therefore engrained within me, and it is therefore reflected in my comments.
  25. Avatar
    It would be nice if people would discuss whether it's actually a good deal, rather than spouting their moral outrage...
    My son is on his third Xiaomi Pro 2, the others all broke down. I wouldn't recommend them, they're not reliable.
  26. Avatar
    How about we just turn comments off on any future scooter deals. Must be less than 1% of the comments on this thread are about the actual specifics of the model/deal/offer. I used to get the popcorn out but most comments are just regurgitation, every damn scooter deal, it is just the same
  27. Avatar
    The government have hinted at legalizing these later in the year - but when they do there will no doubt be rules about motor size, speed limits etc. like e-bikes so the existing ones will be illegal. Best to wait and buy a legal spec one next year.
    Speed limits. Let's have the scooter capable of 40mph but have signs up for speed restrictions so it's the onus of the rider to obey them, like vehicles. Seems to work.
  28. Avatar
    Only people from the hoods will drive this out on public roads. I think it’s okay because they can get away from the Police. For us normies, we would be fined and the e-scooter would be taken away.
    I'm normal, ridden escooters for ages. Twice stopped by police, twice allowed to go on my way. Haven't been stopped in years since they switched from lead acid batteries.
  29. Avatar
    ". When commuting to work, press S to go faster." who would want to get to work quickly!
    Because I stayed up late, 2am, watching Feris Beuller on Film4 and over slept. 😴🛌😴
  30. Avatar
    Am I allowed to buy one of these at the age of 34 or will I be publicly judged… asking for a friend
    I'm 36 and hovering over the buy button... no judgement here
  31. Avatar
    Buy it now and wait for it can be legalised for road, once it is legalised the prices will be go sky high,,,
  32. Avatar
    I really see a use for these but there will definitely be an antisocial aspect to them unfortunately.
    There will need to be extra community police to deal with this aspect unless legal one's start say £500+
  33. Avatar
    Good scooter but it doesn't have NFC so I'm going to pass.
  34. Avatar
    What a unique and original comment (edited)
  35. Avatar
    Hopefully they will confirm the criteria for these shortly, I can imagine that these will be the must have for Christmas if they do...
  36. Avatar
    I agree street robbery will go up, when these go mainstream.

    I would love one to travel to work, but it would be better if more money was put into cycle lanes.

    User of these and all pedal bicycles should have insurance, by law.
    Insurance is a scam, you work for an insurance company by any chance?
  37. Avatar
    These in principle are a great idea for urban transportation, take up little room and are pennies to run, the environment impact is still slightly grey considering where lithium comes from, but then again look where oil comes from, so maybe it's the lesser of two evils.
    But until they become as legal as an ebike no matter what price they are it's not worth your license.
    The government has to get into gear and get the rules in place, so we can enjoy these great deals without the worry of the blue light!
  38. Avatar
    I read in the local paper here in Belfast that the police are starting a campaign to crack down on these as they are classed as motor vehicles needing insurance, number plate etc.

    It's OK if there was modern infrastructure to properly accommodate e-scooters like in Chinese cities where there are designated lanes especially for them but this place here is the new 3rd world, no proper cycle lanes to speak of, just a white line on the side of the road full of parked cars.

    We don't even have a government here because democracy is a modern idea also
  39. Avatar
    What's the cheapest this has been?
    Someone references £259 a few comments up but it didn't appear on Hotdeals like the usually do.
  40. Avatar
    It's not a bad price. I've got a Pure Air Pro 1st generation. It waterproof to ip65 and can take 120kg.